Let The Right One In author furious about comic book adaptation

By David Bentley on Apr 27, 10 11:08 PM

Let The Right One In book cover.jpgTHE author of vampire novel Let The Right One In has reacted with shock and anger at plans for a comic book based on his story.

John Ajvide Lindqvist's book was adapted into a widely acclaimed, award-winning Swedish film in 2008. Hammer Films bought the rights and an American remake, called Let Me In and directed by Cloverfield's Matt Reeves, will be released on October 1 this year.

Earlier this month, Hammer formed a partnership with Dark Horse Comics to create a series of graphic novels and comics from its film projects - a notable reversal of the trend whereby comics are being voraciously snapped up to be turned into films.

The first project arising from this deal will be a Let Me In comic to be written by Marc Andreyko and published around the same time as the new film.

Dark Horse stated: "The novel is massive, rich with backstory and subtlety that didn't make it even to the very subtle and beautiful Swedish film.

"So we want to expand upon the world of the Swedish film by drawing upon the material from the novel."

"I think it'll allow us to do things impossible in either of the previous incarnations. We're planning a big program, with a unique scope to it."

There would be comic book stories taking place both before and after the events of the film, continuing the adventures of Eli and Oskar.

John_Ajvide_Lindqvist.jpgBut Lindqvist (pictured) says he was not asked for permission to use aspects of his work and he is now considering taking action.

He told Sweden's Metro: "Nobody has asked me about this and I think that the project stinks. I am looking into this matter and hope that they have no right to do this."

The novelist has apparently written his own prequel to the book for future publication.

Dark Horse has yet to comment on the matter.

The US remake stars Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) as school bullying victim Owen and Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl in comic book film Kick-Ass) as the vampire child Abby with whom he forms a friendship in a New Mexico town.

In the original, the characters were called Oskar and Eli and lived in a Stockholm suburb.

Source: Metro Sweden via Bleeding Cool.


Microwave Jellyfish said:

"The novelist has apparently written his own prequel to the book for future publication."

That will be more like a sequel, but actually it's a few pages long short story. He calls it an epilogue for LTROI's epilogue.

Mike said:

Well I guess if you don't want people to use your IP don't pawn the rights to it.

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