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Last message was posted at 2010-06-04 09:07:27, GMT +2.

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Date:  2010-06-04 09:07:27, GMT +2
Name:  CiLA
Music I like:  MAN MASCHINE
Number:  14
Hello freaks,
I am a collector CD MAN MASCHINE. On my web site I have a few CDs now. Please if you know about CDs which I dont have write me.

MAny thanks
CiLA from Slovakia

Date:  2010-04-26 04:58:47, GMT +2
Name:  Hailin-Qu
Location:  China
Music I like:  Man Machine
Number:  13

Date:  2009-12-19 22:13:09, GMT +2
Name:  Freddie
Location:  USA
Music I like:  Kraftwerk
Number:  12
I love Kraftwerk! ^^
You have some really good pictures on this site.

Date:  2009-05-26 18:37:55, GMT +2
Name:  Michael Kumpl
Location:  Austria
Number:  11

would be really happy if you could please help me!

on this site there is a raffle, where you can win tickets for a kraftwerk concert. on the picture at the end, you have to identify all four people/groups, who did official kraftwerk remixes. i think i already found out the first three names
(1. Francois Kevorkian
2. Underground Resistance
3. Hot Chip 4.?), but have got no idea about the fourth one. could you please, please help me, really wanna see kraftwerk.

thank you very much in advance,

Kumpl Michael

Date:  2009-05-19 14:30:41, GMT +2
Name:  Maike
Number:  10

I am hopefully looking for a special recording of KRAFTWERK performing AUTOBAHN at "Midnight Special" Season 3, Ep. 43 broadcasted on 7/25/1975.

If anybody here has a recording of this performance and likes to share it - please let me know!!

Thanks a lot and congratulations for your fantastic website!

Kind regards from Hamburg, Germany.

Date:  2009-02-24 20:00:26, GMT +2
Name:  Joao
Location:  Brazil
Music I like:  Almost all
Number:  9
Fantastic site about the famous group Kraftwerk. I liked it very much. Keep on doing the best work. I would like to know other fan clubs about it. See ya.

Date:  2008-12-12 13:20:07, GMT +2
Name:  Plik Plok
Location:  USA
Music I like:  Funk Soul Electronic
Number:  8
Kraftwerk for life!

Date:  2008-08-12 19:03:24, GMT +2
Name:  Mårtensson
Number:  7
Gott jobbat!

Date:  2008-07-11 15:58:31, GMT +2
Name:  rv
Location:  frankreich
Music I like:  ys
Number:  6
:D i c h bin der liebr god,und alzo,naturlich die sprach auf die music litterature!!
so umoglich!

Date:  2008-05-26 18:19:40, GMT +2
Name:  Panamar
Location:  Russia
Music I like:  Kraftwerk, of course))))))))
Number:  5
Nice collection of Kraftwerk images!

Date:  2008-01-19 11:38:46, GMT +2
Name:  Piotr
Number:  4
nice site>good job!
best wishes from Poland.

Date:  2007-11-28 22:58:01, GMT +2
Name:  Pierre
Music I like:  Kraftwerk...
Number:  3
Hello Mats, Nice new GB. I hope it will get a bit more atention soon. if they finally give us the catalouge. :-)
Audio Objekt, what do you know about them, about there new single?

Date:  2007-10-15 17:54:16, GMT +2
Name:  Oskar
Location:  Uppsala
Number:  2
Härlig sida om ett bra band :D

Date:  2007-04-15 18:09:40, GMT +2
Name:  Mats
Location:  Goteborg, Sweden
Number:  1
Welcome to my new guestbook. I had some trouble with the old one - you can see the postings in the old one by clicking the link above! :-)

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