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EAGE 2011

Earthworks are extremely proud that Ashley Francis (Managing Director) was the recipient of this year’s Nigel Anstey award. This prestigious recognition by the EAGE highlights the technical contribution Ashley has made to the industry with regard to Earthworks' Inversion methods.

The Nigel Anstey Award is presented for "a contribution of distinctly valuable and tangible bearing on one or more of the disciplines in our (EAGE) association."

The EAGE presented this award to Ashley "in recognition of his very substantial, original and diverse contribution to seismic inversion and geostatistics, and to the quantifying of uncertainty and risk. He has been a major influence for the widespread adoption of stochastic inversion technology in practical reservoir characterisation work. His extensive publications - especially his two papers in First Break - and lectures have helped considerably to publicise and also to demystify stochastic modelling, and to move it into the realm of an everyday tool in geological modelling. Thanks to the successful launch of his company Earthworks, he has successfully developed high speed stochastic inversion software to allow the rapid commercial application of the technique. Ashley Francis' other technical contributions, and his active participation in conferences define him as a geoscientist who has made a very major contribution to geoscience over more than two decades."

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