Frequently Asked Questions.

I'm stuck! Where do I go now?

No matter where you're stuck, our detailed walkthrough should solve your problems. Click here to check it out.

How do I keep the Raccoon from warping me?

Sprinkle the Magic Powder on him to turn him back into Tarin.

How do I get to the Stairs (10-P/7-O/8-O) in the Bay?

There are several sets of stairs that you will be able to see in Martha's Bay, but you won't be able to find an easy way to get to them. To get to the stairs at (7-O) and (8-O), you'll first have to get to the stairs at (10-P). To reach these stairs, jump over the pits with Roc's Feather, then swing your Sword at the same time to create a landing pad. Now you can take the stairs and follow the path until you exit on the other side. Another method that could be used to access the staircase is to use the Boomerang to clear out all the bushes, then jump over the pits with Roc's Feather and take the staircase. These stairs will lead you to an Item Increase. To learn how to use our mapping coordinates (10-P, etc), read the walkthrough for this game.

What do I do with the Ghost following me?

First, take the ghost to the House by the Bay. Next, take the ghost to his grave site, and he'll give you permission to search his house for a Seashell.

I am at the Wind Fish Egg but I don't have Marin's Song. What do I do?

Go to Mabe Village and find Marin. If you haven't learned her song yet, talk to her twice by the weather vane after completing Turtle Rock. No matter what you need her for, if you can't find her where she's apparently supposed to be then look for her in one of the other places she's known to hang out.

I'm in a cave and I see a Piece of  Heart on the left of a wall. How do I get it?

Go to the Hen House, go left three screens and then cut the bush and take the stairs. Bomb the nook at the bottom of the screen, go down one screen then right one screen to reach the Piece of Heart.

How many endings are there to this game?

There is only one ending. However, there is a slight difference if you defeat the game without losing a single life. On the very final screen where it says "THE END" you normally see a seagull flying around the screen. If you don't lose a life during the game you will instead see Marin flying around the screen.

In the Animal Village there is a well beside the Chef's house. Can I get inside?


I'm playing the Trendy Game and I can't get the claw to move when I push the B button. What's wrong?

You have to be standing near the control panel in front of the game to operate it.

Can I play the DX version of  Link's Awakening on my  Game Boy Pocket or Super  Game Boy?

You can play the DX version on any Game Boy system. However, you can only access the Secret Dungeon or use the colored tunics using the Game Boy Color.

How do I get this door open?

There are several ways to open doors in Link's Awakening: Defeat all of the enemies in the room, touch a switch, or throw an item at the door.

What does "DX" stand for?

DX stands for "Deluxe."

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