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ADI Gold Compass Award Collection
Marmomacc joins the “ADI Gold Compass Award Collection”
Stone+tec Nürnberg 2011
Spirit of optimism in Europe
LEED guidelines ready for marble and stone
Tool for company innovation and competitiveness
The use of reclaimed stone in building construction
Case study prepared by the University of Tennessee Center for Clean Products
Safety in the production process of raw materials
Europe is the leader of the environmental industry
Italian exports drop in quantity and value
Negative trend for exports of Italian marble and granite
Agreement between PIEDRA 2010 and EUROROC
Piedra´ 2010 Architecture Award
Awards Presentation Ceremony during the PIEDRA 2010
StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas Announces Co-Location With SURFACES
Beginning in January of 2011
CarraraMarmotec 2010
The thirtieth Marmotec due to take place from 19 to 22 May 2010

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Operations & Management

July 19, 2002 | Recommend this Article »

From 0 to 43 percent: Anonymous burial in Germany 

Individual parts of Germany are affected very differently by the phenomenon of anonymous burials. This is shown by an initial analysis of the survey conducted by the Federal Guild of German Stonemasons in February 2002. The town of Hohenmölsen in the eastern part of Germany has the highest share of anonymous burials with over 43 percent. This contrasts with no anonymous burials at all reported from Lower Bavaria. A comparison of prices shows very large differences between anonymous and earth graves in the individual towns and communities. In the examples quoted by the guild, the prices vary between 102 and 758 euro for anonymous graves and 102 to 2,450 euro for earth graves. The influence of the charging structure on demand cannot be shown empirically.


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