Copa Libertadores: "We estimate to have about 70 matches filmed in HD"

Sergio Veiga, Vice President of Sales for Fox Sports Latin America, talked to todotvnews about the launch of Fox Sports+, the broadcast of the Libertadores Cup in HD, and preparations for the World Cup coverage.

This year, Fox Sports Latin America is prepared to break all the models as far as the broadcast of sporting events is concerned. Reaching more than 25 million households in Latin America and the Hispanic US, the programmer launched Fox Sports+. The broadcaster is airing the Libertadores Cup in HD, and to top it off, is preparing mega coverage of the 2010 World Cup.

Fox Sports+ is a channel that covers Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and others. "Fox Sports+ has had very good acceptance," says Sergio Veiga, Vice-President of Sales for Fox Sports Latin America. He adds: "It's a channel that contains a large amount of content containing European Soccer as the Champeons League (UEFA), among other sports events, together with additional broadcasts, as some coverage overlaps in the Copa Libertadores, and are broadcast on that channel. This is a very important plus for Fox Sports," he stresses.

Another innovation is the launch of the Libertadores Cup broadcasts in high definition. "We estimate to have about 70 games filmed in HD," Veiga proudly says. "It was a major investment and production effort, including a really important technological update which enables for the first time the viewing of the Copa Libertadores, the main tournament of the region, in HD".

Another big attraction this year and for the sports channel is the South Africa 2010 World Cup in June-July, an event that attracts millions of fans worldwide, and particularly in Latin America. "Most of our programs will be coverage of the World Cup in South Africa, to monitor the various Latin American selections. Practically all of our programs will be oriented at covering the event in its entirety. We have a large staff of professionals stationed in South Africa and many programs will be broadcast live from South Africa. All of our news programs will focus on the matches, the goals, the highlights, they are going to follow the progress of the Latin American teams. The truth is that we are preparing a big operation."

With regard to the commercial area, Fox Sports Latin America is already developing a campaign to support this mega operation regionally, with interesting offerings. "Fox Sports will be the channel with the largest distribution, reaching more than 25 million households throughout Latin America, with all the selections from the region that will be participating," Veiga concludes.

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