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linking the power

The power of Mathematica

Mathematica seamlessly integrates

  • a numeric and symbolic computational engine,
  • a graphics system, programming language, documentation system,
  • advanced connectivity to other applications.

The power of AppleScript

AppleScript gives you flexible Mac OS X scripting capability. You can use AppleScript for

  • batch processing, file manipulation
  • performing tasks at specified times,
  • transferring information between databases and other applications,
  • creating automated workflows.

MathLink for AppleScript

Combines the power of Mathematica and AppleScript. It is very simple: call Mathematica from AppleScript and vice versa. This

  • makes it easy to integrate Mathematica with any AppleScript enabled application (e.g., FileMaker, Excel),
  • extends Mathematica's functionality with AppleScript programs (e.g., run Adobe Photoshop operations within Mathematica),
  • allows for the use of remote Mathematica kernels or remote computing clusters powered by gridMathematica.

For more information, please consult the MathLink for AppleScript manual.

This all for free

We like Mathematica, AppleScript and hybrid programming. This made us develop this tool. Using it, we will be able to integrate our version control tool VOODOO Server into Mathematica in short time and with unprecedented low effort. This is our contribution to other hybrid programmers.

Get it at no cost!

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later.
  • Mathematica 4.2 or later.


The current version of MathLink for AppleScript is version 1.3 (see release notes).
The full package (0.6 MB) can be downloaded from our web server: