Pinkie Sanchez/Carpenter Ant of the BDK 12/14/2009: Well, hello CHIKARA. How the tables have turned. And now the man who couldn't find a friend in the locker room has the most powerful allies in pro-wrestling. If you can imagine this - apparently the much-admired Pinkie Sanchez wasn't good enough for the Neo Solar Temple. They deserted me in the middle of the ring back in February. I guess a victory here or there doesn't matter to guys like Mike Quackenbush or Mitch Ryder...because they just moved right on and forgot all about me. But Claudio didn't. He saw how badly I wanted in. Waiting around just in case my name got pulled out of the hat. Lugging the ring from venue to venue to get noticed. He saw that I was starving to be more than an afterthought.

Photo by Lyle Willaims

Like everyone else, I watched as some random dude in a green costume just walked out at the right moment and all of a sudden, there was another member of The Colony. That ALWAYS stayed with me, and it put a knot in my stomach. Why was this amateur so easy to accept while I had to play the outcast? And when I was approached about an opportunity to join something - to be something bigger than the laughing stock, the castoff of the CHIKARA roster - I knew just what to do, and how to go about it. It was all in the timing. Wait for the right moment. Wear the right outfit. Show them I could be trusted. And I gotta admit there were times when I thought it would never work. I thought they'd see right through my disguise. But suddenly, the wrestlers welcomed me in, as their equal. No one was laughing at me as I went about rearranging my opponents in the ring. Now everyone could see the potential that was always inside of me. And the geeks out there figured I was a comic book character from the future. Great Scott - someone needs a reality check!

I not only exposed CHIKARA's heroes The Colony for the clowns they are, but I'm going to help dismantle CHIKARA brick by brick. Like a Carpenter Ant would, I bore into the house of CHIKARA and destroyed its foundation. I could have been one of you, if you'd only let me. If you'd only ACCEPTED me...I could have been the best of you. You think we just want revenge on UltraMantis Black? Not me. I want to watch as CHIKARA crumbles to the ground around you. I want you all to see the biggest mistake of your lives was overlooking me.

Im Namen der Bruderschaft,
Carpenter Ant is actually Pinkie Sanchez - of the BDK!


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Runs through November 21!