UltraMantis Black 10/4/2009: Allow me to proceed swiftly to the purpose of this communique. I have seen enough of the cryptic messages and hollow threats from this "BDK." Let me state openly that I have never transacted any business with any mortal with the initials "BDK." I have grown tired of these systematic efforts of harassment and intimidation. If this individual wants to declare war on The Order of the Neo Solar Temple, then he is embarking on a fool's errand! The Order is willing to wage war in manners both unconventional and unscrupulous. Even as I write this, I am seeking to fortify our ranks even further...although, to be frank, I alone am more than sufficient to mete out defeat to a single man, white mask or not.

Recently, a man who has become quite the topic of locker room chitter-chatter has arrived in our midst. A new competitor in the rings of CHIKARA. He is being called Vökoder. My operatives tell me that rumors abound regarding this individual, and some that have circulated are cause for more than just passing curiosity. There is talk that this Vökoder may in fact be here with knowledge of future events, perhaps even, the future of CHIKARA. As you can imagine, this intrigues me greatly, especially because since fairly obtaining the fabled Eye of Tyr, it has become my sacred mission to make the world of the Chikara Pro my plaything. If these rumors contain even an iota of truth, then I surely need not explain why The Order seeks to locate this man. Such knowledge could indeed be the ultimate weapon in any war!

My dominion will be absolute.
UltraMantis Black of the Order of the Neo Solar Temple


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