UltraMantis Black 6/8/2010: In the year Two Thousand Two, UltraMantis was born into professional wrestling via the slightly askew world of CHIKARA. At that time, he was one among a very, very small cast of players in an organization that was in its mere embryonic stage. A company that was conceived, constructed, and cultivated with the labor and toil of individuals whose only goal was to completely transform the sport of professional wrestling as it had hitherto been known.

It is eight short years later, and a cadre of deviants calling themselves the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes seeks to erase that history. To eradicate the legacy we forged.

Photo by Lyle Williams

I am fully cognizant of the fact that my insatiable hunger to elevate the Order of the Neo Solar Temple to glorious heights through manipulation of the black arts is what directly led to this BDK infiltration. As I have watched the razing of my Order and the oppression of all of CHIKARA by jackbooted thugs, I am reminded of the War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. I have long studied the structural damage in the blueprint of humanity, and now at last I am able to make sense of it and accept that for which I am responsible. So to that end, my sole mission becomes clear - to completely vanquish the BDK from all of CHIKARA.

It is abundantly clear that the man they call Ares has gravely underestimated me. He can destroy my Neo Solar Temple and take away everything I hold dear, but the mastermind remains. That is your fatal flaw, Ares. So relish the Campeonatos de Parejas. Relish the Young Lions Cup while you can. Enjoy your tenure as the King of Trios. Whether you sense it or not, your days are numbered.

Those of us that built CHIKARA brick by brick will only tolerate so much.
UltraMantis Black


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