Claudio Castagnoli of the BDK 1/1/2010: Welcome to the new year. Welcome to the year of the Bruderschaft.

As you may remember from my last blog, 2009 wasn't exactly my year...but sometimes you have to sacrifice. Sometimes you have to walk through pitch blackness to reach the bright, white light. Trust me, I know. And soon, you will all know too.

1.1.10 is a fitting number. 1110 is the year of the first crusade, something the Bruderschaft is going to honor. We are embarking on a crusade of our own. It is appropriate that I send these words to you today.

1. The Eye of Tyr...there's only one in all the world.

1. UltraMantis Black. You do not cross the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes. Better men than you have tried and they're not even footnotes now. They have been erased from the pages of history. And so will you be, once we're done. Everything you claim dominion over will be ours. You think to lord over CHIKARA? Think again.

Photo by Lyle Williams

10. Ten years ago. That's when I met Ares for the first time. But it felt like we've been destined to be brothers. We have always understood each other. Our families came from the same circles of power and influence. We work together like the polished mechanics of a Swiss watch.

10+1+1 = Twelve months we needed to execute our plan and besiege CHIKARA.

10-1-1 = Eight. There are eight Brothers and Sisters. It has always been this way, and always will.

But this Bruderschaft is a new incarnation of something older. Perhaps there are more? More followers that swore their loyalty to the Brotherhood. And you will never know who they are until it is too late.

UltraMantis you brought this upon CHIKARA. All you can do now is pray.

Im Namen der Bruderschaft,
Claudio Castagnoli of the BDK!


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