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Title: Market-Driven Credentialization

Group Name: TrendSetters (Members: Redante Delizo Mendoza, John Chua Tji Leng, Samuel Tan Jit Hong, Loh Wai Tuck)


In the market driven credentialization, the industries take the forefront of education. The schools will no longer be centralized but rather based within the industry organizations. The students no longer need to be sited within single premises but can work from anywhere as long as they fulfill the requirements of the credentials. These credentials are conceptualized, customized and delivered by industries to meet their own unique needs. This represents the labor demand side. On the other hand, the students need to take only the necessary modules, and can ignore the traditional liberal arts/general education model that every student is asked to undergo. This saves resources and time as the students can specialize earlier and finish the track and begin working at a younger age. This represents the labor supply side.

The paradigm shift will result in the destruction of middle and high school and an earlier specialisation resulting in silos that start from probably the early elementary school. The basic education will not be composed of traditional subjects but rather by skills that are geared towards discovery of talents that will stream the students towards employable skills that are "industry-certified". Language, mathematics and arts are taught only in rudimentary manner up to the point where recognizable talent appears and the student is immediately streamed. The parents are the important decision makers at this stage, and they choose in a manner of "proxy" what they think will be the best for their children. After the streaming stage, the industry becomes the surrogate guardian and decides on behalf of the market, the necessary skills that will be taught to the students. This results in students graduating with readily-employable, albeit narrow sets of skills at a younger age as "industry-irrelevant" subjects (such as humanities, philosophy for engineers; mathematics for arts graduate; etc) are discarded. This dovetails very well to our future scenario wherein the aging population has put a strain to our workforce such that the working age has been pushed much younger to enlarge the labour force and support the retired population.

Figure 1. An illustration of the Traditional vs Market-driven Education. In the Traditional System, the student builds on Primary, then Secondary, and then Tertiary Education where everybody passes through the first 2 stages and then specializes on the third. In the Market-driven system, there is a Basic Education stage for talent discovery and rudimentary education after which, an industry-driven and specified specialization ensues. In total, the specialized stages in the market driven system is longer but students exit younger and the workforce is augmented in terms of number of workers.

Scenario Impact

Attitudes, Expectations, Political Support
  • Government have less role in education, "laissez-faire," almost completely private funding, very little public funding, if ever
  • Content is industry-driven, more specialised (demand-side).
  • More experiential learning, more hands-on with blurring of vocational and professional educational
  • Public acceptance of diversified educational system
  • Earlier streaming, decided on by the parents (supply side).

Goals, Functions, Equity

  • More equitable as people only need to pay for what they want (theatre industry do not need to study Mathematics)
  • More accessible from more diverse places to obtain credentials
  • Less barriers to entry into education

Organizations and Structures

  • Breakdown of traditional school system, particularly the middle school and high school.
  • Content will be continuous yet discrete. One unit build upon another. Lateral movement is discouraged.
  • Industries defines skill sets that need to be developed, and provides the content and infrastructure to learn the expertise
  • Towards apprenticeship training pathway.
  • Holistic learning is passe

The Geo-Political Dimension

  • Government become policy makers/regulators, providing boundaries (against abuses, security issues, etc)
  • Ageing population requires bigger workforce to support it having a bigger workforce.
  • This can be achieved by lowering the age of entry into the workforce.

The Teaching Force
  • Primary school becomes a talent-discovery center for more efficient streaming and "teachers" are geared towards talent discovery.
  • Teachers can work from home or anywhere as long as they are connected.
  • Trainers are industrial experts or entrepreneurs and are most probably connected to industries.

Scenario Outcomes

  1. The demand and supply for education is solely based on an open market system.
  2. Virtually everyone can receive training and attain industrial-specific certification.
  3. Course needs are identified by market demand and content and infrastructure developed by industry experts.
  4. The traditional educational authority role shifts from content control towards providing framework governing against privacy, ID and security issues. Specialisation starts earlier and leads to younger workforce emerged.
  5. Industrial experts replace traditional teachers in the role of knowledge transfer.

News Stories

2025 - Jason's 1/4 Life Crisis (by Samuel Tan Jit Hong)

Jason's 1/4 Life Crisis
~ A Scenario in the Future Trend Under Fully Market-Driven Condition

Here's a story of a Genius by the name of Jason

​Jason works in the pharmaceutical industry with GlasoSmeefKklain. At 28 years, he's had an amazing career. Jason has won numerous awards and accolades, and having 17 patents named under him. He was spotted to be a prodigy in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, at age 6. Even though he sucked in language, and couldn't even write complete sentences in his mother tongue, he was awarded a scholarship by the GSKK academy and started specialising in Genome Studies and Microbiology at age 7. Having co-published 4 international papers with his mentor, he graduated at age 12 with Genom18.20.45, which is the highest accolade in the Pharmaceutical academy (equivalent to that of an Emeritus Professorship in the 1990's). He was immediately roped in to "continue" his work at GSKK.

Recently, however, Jason's interests in the Sciences started to waiver. Being at the peak of his career, and probably the industry, he is seeing little motivation to move up the ladder. In fact, Jason is getting tired of the endless hours of research and lab work. Being a loner, he has few friends and he yearns a new job that allows him to socialise with people on the go. He starts looking around for new options.

Jason starts going to career seminars. The good news is: He finds himself drawn to the media industry, in particular Public Relations. The bad news: He has to start applying for specialised courses to attain minimum certification before he can be employed such as Media20.40, PR24.12, and Journalism4.11. Fair enough, just that it will probably take him another 6 years, or 5 if he's fast. He has also got to compete with "peers" 15 years younger than he is.

Jason has now come to his life's first major
crossroad. Should he stay at his current prestigious job, or move on with his new love? What has he got to gain and lose?

2025 - Classified Ads on 9-Apr-2025 (by Loh Wai Tuck)

Classified Ads on 9-Apr-2025

We are the world leading organisation in Contact-less Electro-Magneto-Energy Universal Transmitter (E2Uv10), which allows charging of ALL electrical devices. Due to the overwhelming response from the entire world, we are in shortage of E2Uv10 engineers world-wide in helping us to produce better and smaller versions of E2Uv10 devices in a shorter time.

We are in need of a course manager to design, develop and facilitate/conduct a certification course for E2Uv10 Engineers.

Job Descriptions
We are looking for an expert (or a group of experts) in the field of Electro-Magneto-Energy tranmission. The candidate(s) is/are expected to design, develop and facilitate/conduct a certification course on the online platform for young professionals (aged 10-15) who have graduated from Ngee Ann Community Centre (NACC).


  • At least 5 years experience in training young professionals (age between 10 to 15)
  • Proficient in using the delivery platforms (for example, virtual laboratories with Simulation/Modelling Tools)
  • Have in depth knowledge of our company's E2Uv10 transmitter.
  • Able to be accessible online by trainees 24x7.
  • If shortlisted, able to start working from 12-Apr-2025. Proposed course start date: 22-Apr-2025

Interested parties, please place your Right Thumb on the BOX below (until the Green Box turns Blue). No attachment of resume is required, as we can track ALL your experiences and skill-sets based on your Bio-data. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in due course.


2025 - NACC Job Application (by John Chua Tji Leng)

NACC Job Application
(This is available on 3D, if you cannot see this in 3D, please switch on your 3D contact lenses)
In 2025, Job Application Process will like follow:

  • Market Driven Credentialised Education in 2025
  • Basic Work Skill Education Industry in 2025
  • No age limit and pre-requisites on all courses [course length might vary]
  • Content provided and control by Industry; Certification done by Industry
  • Home and Equipment powered primarily by green energy and petrol generator as supplement
  • Home equipped with wireless connectivity to all community world wide


Digital Media Presenter able to:

  • watch Information on Screen
  • make interact using wireless touchpad, touch screen, voice interpretor with language translator



Ah Beng voice-command the Presenter: Presenter, on.
Digital Presenter: Please wait… Initialization compleded.
System ready. Good morning Ah Beng
Ah Beng voice-command: Find NACC website.
Digital Presenter: Done. What are you looking for?
Ah Beng voice-command: Volume lower 3.
Digital Presenter: Done.
Ah Beng voice-command: NACC basic mathematics course bidding.
Digital Presenter: Done.

Ah Beng reading and entering details on the application form.
Digital Presenter: Application success

Server replied and link with the admin person link up and talk to Ah Beng to finalized details.

Server collates details and informs all participants.

-Process end-

2030 - Job Opportunities of Ngee Ann Community Centre (by Redante Delizo Mendoza)
NACC Tribune
(This is available on 3D, if you cannot see this in 3D, please switch on your 3D contact lenses)

JOB OPPORTUNITIES, 15-30 April 2030

The Ngee Ann Community Centre is looking for individuals to teach our 5-6 year old students on:
General Computer Education and Computer Play

International Mirotough Computer Science Institute membership level 1 with passes on the following toolkits:
•Computing for Toddlers
•Three-dimensional spreadsheets
•Multi-language word processing
•Humanities and Android Interactions
Attained level 26 on WarCraft v.2030 or rescued the 20000 princes on Hyper Maria Sisters• Licensed to shock kids for up to 20000 volts from the National Children’s Disciplinary Committee
  • University degree not important.
  • Apple Trainor's Certificate holders (considered obsolete) need not apply
•Work from home
•Broadband speed minimum of 10 Tbps
•Four dimensional, holographic console shall be provided
•Kid shock equipment controller shall also be provided.
•Salary range: 150 000 - 200 000 Singaporean yuans depending on experience.

Reply to: @Red Mendoza, President of Parent-Industry Association, Ngee Ann Community Center


Redante Delizo Mendoza, John Chua Tji Leng, Samuel Tan Jit Hong, Loh Wai Tuck

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