Case Studies

Case Study - 1

Disposal of numerous unidentified chemicals

Case Study - 2

Abandoned refrigerators

Case Study - 3

Removal of Japanese Knot Weed from base of electricity pylon

Case Study - 4

Clear up site that had suffered from severe fly-tipping

Case Study 3

Waste Case Study

We were instructed to remove all green waste including Japanese Knot Weed, from the base of an electricity pylon. Due to the risks associated with the site and the Japanese Knot Weed, we ensured there were adequate controls in place, to prevent wind spread spores from contaminating the surrounding areas.

Waste Case Study
Waste Case Study

We provided suitably trained manpower, equipment and transportation, to segregate the Knot Weed from any other vegetation and disposed of accordingly. The green waste was sent for composting, in order that our client complied with their environmental responsibilities.

Waste Case Study

The site was left clear and a maintenance programme was introduced, enabling our client to concentrate on their core activities.