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Weekly Focus: Mortified

Posted by: Matthew D. Pascoe on: October 29, 2010


This week is the Australian production, Mortified, the live-action series first premiered on June 30, 2006 on the Nine Network Australia, becoming one of the most succesful Australian children’s series of all time. Two seasons of twenty-six episodes all-together were developed with the final episode airing on April 11, 2007.

The series was created and written by the very talented late Angela Webber and was directed by a fleet of well-known children’s television directors such as Pino Amenta (Round the Twist, Silver Sun),  Paul Moloney (Silversun), Ian Gilmour (Heartbreak High, Dance Academy), Michael Pattinson (The Sleepover Club) and Evan Clarry.

The fist series followed the embarrassing life of Taylor Fry, an eccentric eleven-year-old attending Sunburn primary school with her best friend Hector, queen bee and rich girl Brittany and her crush Leon. She must deal with her out-of-the-loop parents, mean sister, weird aunt, school issues and the problems of growing up.

The second series started with Taylor starting her first day at Driftlog high school and meeting up with Hector, who discarded a position at a high-rated school, the duo soon find Brittany, who decided to move from the posh boarding school, St. Davinia’s, due to complications and Leon, who came to realise English and Math are part of the curriculum at Sports High. The reunited group now face the problems of their first year at high school and their troublesome families.

This series was and still is fantastic, measuring up to Disney’s Lizzie Mcguire, the soundtrack was very memorable and suited perfectly. The writing skills of all involved matched the level set by Angela Webber and none of them ‘Jumped the shark’, unlike most series. It’s a shame Enjoy Entertainment doesn’t produce more great series like this one.


  • Best Episode Storyline – Little Fish by Angela Webber
  • Best Episode Direction - Leaving Primary by Pino Amenta
  • Best Actor – Andrew Blackman as Don Fry
  • Best Actress - Marny Kennedy as Taylor Fry


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  • Anonymous: come on give a brake they are new and dont you think Heidi & Shura had a hard time just think back for a moment so give them a chance they mite no
  • Reeze: actually, it's not just 10-14. I bet the 6-10 age range would enjoy the show, but it might not do well for the site. first of all, it could turn into
  • anonymous: This is probably the worst thing yet that they have churned out. The people who watch this are 8 year old girls that think that the male actors are 'h