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Investments of $100,000 or more:

Family Foundation (requested to stay anonymous)

The Charles Revson Foundation
Dr. Jurgen Todenhöfer

Investments of $50,000 or more:

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem*

The Japanese Government

Former MIT President Charles Vest

Sobell Foundation

Levi Lassen Foundation

Investments of $25,000 or more:

Sami Abu Diea

The Colmobil Group

Daimler AG

MIT – CSAIL – Computer Science Artifical Intelligence Laboratory*

Sun Microsystems*

Investments of $10,000 or more:

Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Idit Caperton

Rachel and Yuval Binur

Sachi Gerlitz

Raphaela Harlap, Esq

MIT Leadership Center*

Ofir & Eva Kedar

Palestinian Corporation (requested to stay anonymous) Foundation

Ed Roberts

Yoav Michaely

Ailon Michaely

SNP Communications

Investments of $5,000 or more:

Izhar Armoni

Professor Dan Ariely

Diane and Norman Bernstein Foundation

Amy and Jonathan Fleming

Daimler Financial Services AG Israel (Debis)*

Shmuel Harlap

Mualem, Glezer, Inbar, Junio & Co. Accountants*

Shalmor-Avnon Amichai\Y&R*

Shekel & Co. Law Offices*

UPS Israel*

Haim Harel

Zohar Gilon

Thomas Unterberg

Nechama & Yaakov Karpol-Borek

Investments of $2,000 or more:

Al Quds University

Professor Richard Locke

Yanki Margalit

Harvard Conflict Management Group*

Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP)*

Louise Silverstein

Alan & Susan Lewis Solomont

Wolf Communications & Public Relations*

Mindjet Germany*

INSEAD - INDEVOR Charity Walk 2006

Shari Gershenfeld

Investments of $1000 or more:

Professor Deborah Ancona

Intel Corporation*

Professor Daniel Jackson

The Ruderman Family

Prof. John Sterman

Giora Yaron

Avishai Ziv

Internet Gold Corp*

Singer Foundation

Lynda & Jess Bussgang

Investments of up to $1000:*

John Abernethy and Celia Kent

Susan Arsht

Lotte Bailyn

Steven Benjamin

Thomas and Anne Kent

Meryl J. Nass

Yee Bun Suen

William Thies

Toyota Technological Institute at the University of Chicago

Ira Jaffe

David R. Katz

Michael Hass

Ellyn Levine

Matthew E. Shuster

List includes accumulative in-kind and monetary donations received by November 2007

* Additional assistance with in-kind contributions