The Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory is engaged in basic research, technology development and technology transfer involving images and video. The laboratory is a part of the Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, and affiliated with the Coordinated Science Laboratory and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The research areas at the CVRL encompass the following: (1) Next generation cameras, (2) Three-dimensional scene reconstruction, (3) Three-dimensional temporal analysis, (4) Image structure detection and representation, (5) Learning, recognition, and human computer interaction, (6) Image processing and communication, (7) Synthesizing, rendering, and visualization, (8) Parallel processing and robotics, and (9) Visual Inspection.

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Next Generation Cameras

3D Computer Vision: Scene Reconstruction

3D Computer Vision: Temporal Analysis

Image Structure Detection & Representation

Learning, Recognition and Human Computer Interaction

Image Processing and Communication

Synthesizing, Rendering and Visualization

Parallel Processing and Robotics


Automated Visual Inspection