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Welcome to the WPI Kite Power Wiki

Mission of WPI Kite Power Team

The WPI Kite Power Team is dedicated to developing a new renewable energy technology - Wind Power from Kites.
  • In this concept, large kites tethered to the ground are used to extract power from the wind. Kites can extract power more economically than wind turbines because they fly at higher heights than turbines can operate. Wind speeds and available wind power are greater for kites than for turbines.

  • The work of the WPI Kite Power Team has been supported by the Rohm and Haas Company, Woburn, MA; Heifer International's Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA; and the EPA's P3 (People, Prosperity, and the Planet) Award Program.

Windpower links...

Take a look at a newspaper article from 2008 in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.
Our work on the kite power system was presented at the 4th annual P3 (People, Prosperity, and the Planet) award competition April 20th-22, 2008 in Washington DC - for more information go here.
For more information on various kites by Peter Lynn, the designer of our kites, look here.

Project Accomplishments

A working one-kilowatt scale kite power demonstrator (shown at the top of this page) was designed, built and field tested.

  • An A-Frame Structure was built to house the power train and allow for oscillation of the rocking arm.

  • The Power Conversion System converts the up and down motion of the kite into rotational motion that can spin a generator.
  • An Electronics System was created to transfer the mechanical energy of the kite arm mechanism into electrical energy that can be stored in a battery and used as needed. It has been designed so that it can help demonstrate how providing electricity to remote areas provides for the needs of people in developing nations .
  • A Scale Model replica was created for educational purposes when transporting the full scale model is unfeasible.
  • A Virtual Animation was also created for the purposes of educating people about kite power technology over the internet, as well as in in cases where demonstration of the full-scale demonstrator is not feasible.

Full Scale Demonstrator Videos

  • To see a video of the first time the WPI kite power demonstrator produced power click here (YouTube link)
  • For video of the powering and de-powering of the Kite attached to fixed rocking arm click here (YouTube link).

Scale-Model Replica Videos

  • A video showing the scale model oscillating in the indoor fan flow can be found here (YouTube link)

Simulation and Virtual Animation Videos

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