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LEGENDS is a Play By (E-)Mail game. Should you not yet know what a PB(E)M-game is... well basically, it boils down to this: in the computer of a provider resides a large computerized world, and you, as player, can send in turnsheets (via email) to be processed, after which your game orders will have an impact on that game world; you will explore, build and conquer, with the help of the other players (dozens or hundreds, often of different nationalities) - or against them..!
LEGENDS thus is one of many PBM-games around - but our absolute favourite! It is set in a Fantasy world (dare we say: "a Tolkien-like realm"?). At the end of this page you may find a bird's-eye view of the game.

The following companies provide the opportunity to play LEGENDS:
Harlequin Games (English language),
SSV Klapf-Bachler OEG, PBM Games (German language)

For those who have visited this page in the past: this website has been slimmed down (2005), and all technical files have moved (in updated versions) to the Harlequin Games website. The only pages still residing here are:

As Edi always used to say "Have fun and make it fun for others!"


  • Game type: Play-by-(E-)Mail game (generating personal game fun through interaction with a fully computerized and very detailed game world, as well as fun through interaction with other players).
  • Theme: Strategic Fantasy game with Roleplaying elements (meaning you work via 'real' characters as well as armies).
  • Stage: a medieval Fantasy world; 10.000 provinces large. Under the LEGENDS gamesystem, several worlds or 'modules' (scenarios) have been created (with different geography, races, ect.).
  • Players per game: up to 200, often of several nationalities.
  • Duration: varries, but on average about 2 to 3 years (but you can stop whenever you want, of course!).
  • Turns: once every 10 or 14 days (you can send in orders to fight, explore, build, etc. etc).
  • Turn submission: you prepair a turn on your computer (via a very elaborate turn editing programs with mapping facilities, extensive help functions, etc.) and then send the turn via email to the Legends provider / Game Master (GM). The results will be emailed back to you in the form or a lenghthy text-file ('printout') that can be read and processed via said turn editing program.
  • Cost: depends on the company and the way you submit your turn; but as you pay per order, you in principle can make your turn as expensive as you like.
  • Traits: thousands of characters, monsters, and locations; many political factions (knighthoods, sects, kingdoms, etc.) and religions; more than 400 magic spells and thousands of artefacts (weapons, books, potions, charms, etc.). You play via your characters, who can be of many races (Elf, Dwarf, Orcs, etc.) and who can have many characteristics as well as skills (knight, mage, priest, thief, etc.). You can build an empire with large population centers and killer armies, or room the lands freely to do heroic duels with monsters and to do adventures, or be an Assassin For Hire, or.... well, the roads to take are totally up to you.

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