We have a hypothesis that some kind of ready-made MobilED KIT product could help teachers and schools to implement meaningful learning processes with mobile technology.

We have thought that the MobilED KIT could be a box that contains 5 mobile devices with places for charging them, pedagogical guidebook with descriptions of learning events / lesson plans, guidelines and props that will help teachers to implement the learning events and DVD with example project.

MobilED KIT prototype used in the first school tests.

The MobilED KIT should be part of the school’s facilities, just like blackboard, overhead projectors, computers etc. It should be shared by teachers and pupils. When teacher wants to implement a mobile learning project she will take the MobilED KIT to her classroom. When the project is over she will return it to the teachers’ room.

The MobilED KIT should be easy to assemble and build by anyone. All the components should be available everywhere around the world. The guidebook and the DVD should be available for anyone to download and copy.

We are right now assembling the first prototype of the MobilED KIT.

Disclaimer. We want to emphasise the first sentence: “we have a hypothesis”. This means that we are not sure if the MobilED KIT, as described here, makes sense in a real school environment. This is why we have the MobilED initiative. We must test the prototype KIT, see what teachers, pupils and other stakeholders think about it. We must co-design, study and iterate. For this reason, mostly likely, the MobilED KIT will finally be something totally different than what is now described in here.