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We are so excited - the designated funds go to the mentees who have worked so hard all summer. Thanks to our wonderful and generous backers for making this possible! There are still a few days left in our fundraising campaign, so we are still encouraging donations. Any surplus funds will be used to continue our work and research on eBooks. Author James Simmons is already thinking about his next book! :-)

Our Summer Project
This year the Rural Design Collective is making an eBook on how to make eBooks! We will be participating in a collaborative book with software developer James Simmons, creator of notable Activities for working with eBooks on the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO. Our primary audience for this manual is teachers and the goal is to make this an important learning tool in the classroom. In this volume, best practices in digitization techniques will be emphasized. The manual will be developed throughout the program using the open authoring platform at FLOSS Manuals - http://flossmanuals.net/. In addition, we will be offering a hands-on three month program on-site at our headquarters where many of our experiments will be used as case studies for the book.

How We Will Use The Money
Our program will take place during the 2010 summer months, June - August. Using our collaborative work on the FLOSS Manual as a guide, we will build a three month course around eBooks. Custom-designed physical copies of the FLOSS Manual will be created by the participants in our program to continue to raise awareness and funds for our work. In addition, a standalone website will be created containing code samples and utilities to help others get started working with eBooks.

We are keeping our funding drive open for the length of the mentoring season - if we make more than our goal we will use it to continue our work in this area as an "Extra Credit" project. We are already discussing the next volume in the series, and also work on several projects related to eBooks - you can check them out in our UI Lab: http://sixes.net/rdcHQ/rdc-ui-lab/.

Thank you for supporting the Rural Design Collective!
The Rural Design Collective is a not-for-profit professional mentoring program which furthers the education and experience of residents of rural Southern Coastal Oregon who are interested in working with web and/or media technology by involving them in real development projects. We are located in Curry County which is one of the economically poorest in rural Oregon, yet home to many resourceful residents and progressive creative people. We focus on work that advances important social causes and/or helps make a difference in our local community. We also emphasize an open learning model as well as working with free and open programs and technologies. We release all of our work as open source so anyone can build on it and benefit from it. You can learn more about us at http://ruraldesigncollective.org/

You can meet the current crew http://sixes.net/rdcHQ/about/meet-the-rdc/ ... the 2010 Project Team for eBooks will be announced on June 2, 2010! You can also follow us on Twitter! @rdcHQ

Check out the video and our slide presentation that we created about the Rural Design Collective for the Libre Graphics 2010 Conference in Brussels, Belgium! We are honored to be part of the program!

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    DesignerArtist. MediaActivist. GeekMom. HyperLibrarian. Pioneer. ChickenFarmer [sic]. Founder of the Rural Design Collective.

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