Friday, July 1, 2011

[Single] Candy Warpop - Velluto Blu (Cayce Andrew Mix)

Album: Single 
Release: 12 June 2011
File Under: Hard Rock
Similar: Hole, Stabbing Westward, Garbage

I love the throwback drum machine in the beginning before the super fuzzy guitar rings through. Man, this is the type of music I was raised on. This song has everything good about the 90s but updated a little for the new decade with the remix by Cayce Andrew.

Candy Warpop is a four person outfit from Las Vegas and this is the type of music you can image being played in one of those 'Smoking Aces' stylized Vegas action movies or maybe a grundgy strip club - either way, this is some music to rock out to. It's like anti-chillwave.

Update: Story of the Remix relayed via guitar player Josh Cohen:
 "I wrote that remix late one night when I drove down to the Strip to meet some friends from out of town. I waited for them in the parking garage at Planet Hollywood to return my call so that we could meet but they never called me. By the time that I gave up on them, the battery in the truck that I was borrowing had died. Security had no cables to help me. I sat in the front seat and finally gave in to the urge to start working on your track. A long time went by and I had realized that a good portion of the samples had been edited. Not long after, a kind man finally gave me a jump start.
Essentially, the majority of the remix was done on my laptop while sitting by myself in a dead truck at 3 in the morning as I was stationed in a parking garage on the Strip."


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