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Isostasy & Eustasy
Page Conceived by: Josh Robino & Adam N. Pedone Chandler

The processes of isostasy and eustasy involve the dynamic adjustment of the earth’s lithosphere and hydrosphere over glaciation intervals. Isostasy is the crustal response to retain a buoyant equilibrium as a gravitational force working on a mass is exerted on the lithosphere, while an opposite force thrusts upward from the asthenosphere. Eustasy is the temporal transgression and regression of the mean sea level relative to the local terra firma.
Lithosphere & Mantle
  • Density of the load vs. density of the bed
  • Rigidity of the crust ~ load over distance
  • Depressional basin size and features
Types of Isostatic Uplift
  • Restrained Rebound
  • Post-Glacial Uplift
  • Residual Uplift
Glacial Isostasy Indicators
  • Marine Limit
  • Other Dateable featres

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