December 4th, 2008

British Deputy Ambassador’s ride small and green

diplomatic_trabant.jpgBritish Deputy Ambassador to Hungary Steven Fisher’s car may be the only Trabant in the world bearing diplomatic license plates, reported. Fisher told the portal he was looking for a small car to use in the congested city last summer when he saw a bunch of Trabants on Erzsébet tér going around in circles like go-karts. Since driving a Trabant looked like fun and because he reasoned it would cost little to fix even if it broke down, he went ahead and bought one. So far the green Trabnt had produced far more smiles than headaches.

One of the minor problems related to the Trabant is that police frequently stop it to check whether its diplomatic plates are real or home-made. Additionally, during the summer the engine overheats, which once resulted in Fisher having to drop the car off for repairs while he was the acting head of the embassy. Furthermore, it can’t go faster than 100 kph, making it unlikely that it will ever be driven to England.

As for the positive experiences, Fisher said his car makes other diplomats, tourists and police officers smile, and it is also very cheap to maintain. The Trabant cost Fisher Ft 100,000, and he has spent only Ft 40,000 on repairs over the past one and a half years.

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  1. FayeFaye says:

    That’s so cool! Was saying just the other day how cool it would be if someone reinvented the Trabant like they did the Mini, it’s just as iconic a car.:)

  2. D-ROLF says:

    Congratulation Mr. embassadeur! At 17 January 09
    we stop in Budapest with our rallye Berlin -
    You and all Mercedes and Rolls Roce driver are
    invited! look our site

  3. Farkas Lászlό says:

    Who would have thought? A Trabant? What a different mentality he brings to his diplomatic job. Generally, the cheaper and crummier the country, the more gaudy and fancy will be the wheels that it’s diplomatic corps will insist on driving! The most dysfunctional nations on earth are in Africa, yet ambassadors from those countries will want only the very best of everything.

  4. Tunde says:

    This is truly a positive example. Now if only our hypocritical and corrupt mayor would stop using state funds to go to his weekend house in Croatia, and give back the expensive hybrid show car he bought to prove his nonexistent environmental credentials and issue everyone BKV passes, to himself as well, instead of petrol vouchers and ride the subway like New York’s mayor, we might start seeing a change.

  5. sheesh says:

    The day Demszky started using public transport would probably be his last, unless his heavies were around.

  6. Tunde says:

    sheesh: yes I thought about that when I wrote the post, but it would be fun to watch him try to ride the metro surrounded by umbrellas and bodyguards

  7. alessandra says:

    great and … stylish!!!!!!!

  8. Robi says:

    A tipical two faced western style…

  9. Patrice Meister says:

    I just got a printout of the “Trabant”-article in a swissgerman newspaper! Congratulation! We from the Trabantclub Switzerland would like to express our best wishes for Christmas and wish you all the best for 2009! … and a lot of fun with the “Legend on wheels” ! Best regards, Patrice from Zurich/Switzerland

  10. Ricsi says:

    Merry Christmas to ALL on the posts !

  11. Farkas László says:

    Dear Ricsi, your capitalization of the word “ALL” is showing the right spirit for this holiday! People fight like cats and dogs here sometimes, and have all kinds of differences of opinion, but ultimately, that’s all they are-differences of opinion. This holiday is about seeing the deeper meaning to human realtions and interaction. In furtherance of that spirit I want to say to:
    Szekes, Ricsi, Hotpaprika, Stan, Uncle Joe, Faye-Faye, vdx (yes vdx too!), Vándorló and all those with whom I have had personal interaction, as well as all those who have read my posts, I want to say:
    Szeretnék kivánni mindenkinek egy kellemes karácsonyt és boldog új évet!
    “I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

  12. Ricsi says:

    KÖSZI ! and the same to you my friend .

  13. George Fisher says:

    Steven Fisher is my dad! I have driven this little car in our front garden. It stalls a lot but I still like it. The other day the battery ran down so we took the ‘big car’ (KIA Carnival).
    Great car Dad!!

  14. fco says:

    Fisher is not nice caring diplomat. He is having an affair with a Hungarian woman working at the British Embassy in Budapest, and has left his wife and 3 children. He is not honorable or funny. He is a two faced man. Who cares what car such a man drives?!

  15. Carman Miranda says:

    Fisher looks like a right “creep”! Take that shit heap of a green monstrosity and “torch” it!
    The insurance company will reimburse the deputy
    ambassador with the current, estimated, value:
    100 forint circa.

  16. Viking says:

    Anyone want to sell a Trabant?
    Any condition is interesting…

  17. becs says:

    I’ve met this dickhead. He think he is really smooth – but he is just a creep. I was not surprised when I heard he was having an affair and had left his wife. She was the only good thing about him. The tart he is now sleeping with is perfect for him – another low life.

  18. Lianne says:

    good news for every decent person in budapest – i hear this dickhead has left the embassy!! thank god for that – maybe the new diplomat that has taken his place will show more class and know how someone in his postion should behave. what a horrid man. god help the next country that has to have him.

  19. Heather says:

    Can’t believe the arrogance of this idiot. I thought diplomats were supposed to be honourable; represent their country well. This Fisher is such a creep. His poor wife. She is better off without him. His new girlfriend will soon realise what a pathetic cheat she has stolen.

  20. Norah says:

    That sure is hot. I wish I could pay for something like this! BTW, has any heard anything on the new 2011 Camaro?.