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200 BC : Goa became a part of the Mauryan Empire under Emperor

400 AD : The Kadambas controlled the territory.

1367 : Conquest of the kingdom of Kadamba by the Vijaynagar

1380-1454 : Goa under the Hindu Vijaynagar Empire.

1469 : Muslim Bahmani king, Muhammad Shah II captures Goa.

1454-1471 : The Bankapur chiefs rule Goa.

1488 : Sultan Yusuf Adil Shah of Bijapur captures Goa.

1471-1489 : Adil Shah, the Sultan of Bijapur rules Goa.

1498 : Vasco da Gama discovers sea route to India, lands at Calicut.

1489-1510 : Yusuf Adil Shah of Bijapur continues to rule Goa.

1510 November 25th : Alfonso de Albuquerque captures Goa.

1515 : Portuguese successfully defend Goa against Ismail Adil Shah.

1524 : Dom Vasco da Gama becomes Viceroy of Goa, dies at Calicut the same year.

1534 : The Portuguese occupy Diu.

1540 : The Society of Jesus is formed.

1542 : Arrival of St. Francis Xavier to Goa.

1543-1783 : Portuguese acquire Bardez and Salcette from Adil Shah.

1552 : Death of St. Francis Xavier at the island of Sancian off the coast of China.

1554 : The "incorrupt" body of St. Francis Xavier arrives at Goa, its final destination.

1556 : The printing press begins functioning at Goa.

1557 : The Archdiocese of Goa is established.

1560 : Goa's first Archbishop Dom Caspar Leao Pereira takes office.

1560 : The dreaded Inquisition arrives to Goa.

1561 : The Portuguese invade Daman.

1570 : Siege of Goa by Adil Shah.

1622 : Pope Gregory XV canonizes St. Francis Xavier.

1623 : Pope Gregory XV permits Hindu Brahmin converts to retain caste.

1639 : The Dutch attack Goa.

1642 : Treaty between England and Portugal established.

1683 : Attack on Goa by Marathas under Sambhaji, son of Shivaji.

1695 : The Portuguese Viceroy moves out of the city of Velha Goa.

1739 : The Marathas attack Goa.

1741 : The Marathas and the Bhonsles defeated by Portuguese forces.

1749 : Expulsion of the Jesuits by the Portuguese.

1759 : The Portuguese Viceroy takes up residence in Panjim. The Portuguese make peace
           with the Marathas. The Jesuits evicted from Goa.

1763 : Acquisition of New Conquests by the Portuguese begins.

1794 : The Portuguese acquire Canacona.

1778 : The Portuguese acquire Pernem.

1783 : Portuguese annex Pernem.

1787 : The failed "Pinto" revolt.

1788-1799 : The Portuguese rule is extended over present day Goa.

1797 : Occupation of Goa by the British Army.

1812 : The dreaded Inquisition is finally abolished in Goa.

1813 : Withdrawal of the British Army.

1821 : Goa represented in the Portuguese parliament.

1835 : Failed revolt by Bernardo Peres de Silva, 1st ethnic Governor of Goa.

1842 : Escola Medico Cirugao de Goa established at Panjim.

1843 : Panjim named "Nova Goa" and declared capital of Goa.

1881 : Commencement of railway building in Goa.

1900 : Goa's first Portuguese daily-"O 'Heraldo" begins operation.

1905 : Development of iron and manganese ore mines in Goa.

1910 : The Portuguese monarchy ends.

1926 : Dictator, Dr. Antonio Salazar takes over power in Portugal.

1946 : Satyagraha by Ram Manohar Lohia at Margao.

1947 : August 15, India wins freedom from the British.

1950 : January 26, India becomes a Republic.

1954 : Liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

1961 : Operation Vijay - 9th -19th December- Goa's liberation by the Indian Armed Forces.
           19th December is celebrated as Goa Liberation Day. Major General Candeth appointed
           Military Governor of Goa.

1962 : Goa incorporated into the Indian Union. Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu formed.

1964 : First elections to the House of Assembly in Goa. Dayanand Bandodkar becomes Goa's
           first Chief Minister.

1967 : Historic opinion poll; Opinion poll unanimous to keep Goa and Goan identity separate.

1962-1987 : Goa is a Union territory together with Daman and Diu.

1987 August 12th : Goa gained statehood becoming India's 25th state. May 30 is celebrated
                                as Goa statehood day.

1992 : Konkani is added to the schedule of the Indian Constitution.


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