Dubai Chicago Beach Hotel

  • Division: Fletcher Construction Company
  • Location: Dubai
  • Started: March 1996
  • Cost: NZ $225 million
  • Client: H.H. General Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum
  • Completed: May 1998

Fletcher Construction was the lead joint venture partner in the initial stages of pre-construction and construction of this world class project. Situated off-shore on a man made island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the striking sail-like structure is a complex engineering feat in steel and concrete.

It is over 300 metres tall, with 60 storey hotel complex topped with a cantilevered sky restaurant, helipad and steel mast.

The two-level suites range from 550m2 and have kitchen, servant and body guard quarters. The 321m-high superstructure is in situ concrete frame with a steel exo-skeleton outside of the concrete and is shaped in elevation to look like a windsurfer sail.

The main core at one end of the building with a 110m mast on top signifies the windsurfer mast, and two wings that extend out from the core in a “V” shape signify the sails. The atrium, which is formed by the wings, is enclosed at the end by a teflon tent structure and is topped by a sky level restaurant presenting breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf.

Elite clientele will have the choice of three modes of access to the resort - by bridge, yacht or helicopter. Joint venture with Al Habtor Engineering of Dubai and Murray & Roberts of South Africa with Fletcher Construction as managing partner.

Other Parties

  • Name: W.S. Atkins & Partners Overseas
  • Role: Consultant

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