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Crystal Quest is now available for download on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade system
Crystal Quest Enhanced for Windows Vista is available for download on the MSN Games website

This award-winning, fun, frenetic arcade action shooter was originally written by Stainless founder Patrick Buckland for the Mac back in 1986 - when it was the first game released for the Mac in colour.

The Stainless team has taken the classic and rejuventated it - making it faster, sparklier, crazier, and with more colour than ever. As well as offering this great new next-generation version of the game with all-new graphics, special effects, sounds and gameplay enhancements, fans of the original can play Crystal Quest in classic �old-school� style.

For those who just can�t get enough shiny new things, there will also be a number of fun Content Packages available to download soon, so for just a few Microsoft Points you can customise your game with even more new graphics and sound effects.

Crystal Quest for Windows Vista
Crystal Quest Joins Novint Falcon Lineup