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Top 10 Most Creative Treehouses

Treehouses turned from a childish fad into beautiful art and, why not, profitable business.

These structures can be erected above the ground around, near or among the trunk or branches of one or several large trees.

Today we may witness numerous treehouses that are used for recreation, living, and/or observation.

Check out the most impressive treehouses out there. Some of the most daring designs will definitely blow your mind

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Fumiyuki Sato, a researcher at the Japanese Defense Ministry's Technical Research and Development Institute, has come up with the Futuristic Circular Flying Object that can shoot video in calamity zones. ...
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The new MB&F; HM4 watch is a joint creation of the Swiss watchmaking company MB&F; and Chinese artist Huang Hankang. The timepiece immediately catches the glance by a figurine of a detachable panda bear sculptured from 18k white gold. ...
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Agustina Woodgate's series entitled I Wanted To Be A Princess involves the use of clumps of hair to make 3,000 bricks. These bricks were stacked to form two medieval castle sculptures. ...
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ToyToyota, a new brand from the famous Japanese carmaker has recently unveiled its first toy entitled Backseat Driver. ...
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Airport Security System that Sniffs and Scans
Smart Fabric Charges Gadgets that Lie on It
Small High-Tech Microscope for Kids
See-Through Sound-Absorbing Curtain
World's Smallest Medical Video Camera
Laptop with Built-in Breast Cancer Screening System
Jacket with Heating Packs to Keep You Warm
Robot Mannequin to Help Online Shoppers
Inexpensive Complex Prosthetic Hand
Bikini that Charges Gadgets While You Take Sunbaths

World NEWS

Technology (18 Jul, 2011)
World's Largest LED Media Façade Enriches the Busiest Bus Station in US
The latest improvement of the NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal is a LED see-through media facade that claims to be the world's largest and which hides the somewhat ugly front that the terminal featured before. ...
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Environment (18 Jul, 2011)
New Solar Power Plant in Spain Produces Energy 24/7
Recently a company called Torresol Energy managed to solve one of the biggest issues linked with harnessing solar energy. ...
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Technology (16 Jul, 2011)
Top 10 Inventions Made in USSR
During the Soviet era brought a lot of inventions, some of which changed the course of history others raised the bar in numerous fields, including engineering and medicine. ...
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Technology (15 Jul, 2011)
LED TV Coat Developed for Nevada's Burning Man Festival
The awaited Burning Man Festival that will soon take place in Nevada, US, in the period between August 29 and September 5, 2011, is to be enriched with a nice LED television coat. ...
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Technology (15 Jul, 2011)
FireText Smoke Alarm Sends a Text Message to 4 Cell Phones In the Event of a Fire
Dubbed the FireText Smoke Alarm, the system will alert you about a smoke in your house by sending a text message to 4 cell phones simultaneously. ...
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Technology (15 Jul, 2011)
Timex Ironman - a Watch for the Sports-Friendly
This advanced watch from Timex was designed for those who enjoy sports, being equipped with a large number of features that allow registering data on the wearers last 20 workouts. ...
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Technology (15 Jul, 2011)
Latest Invention: Glowing Wallpaper from Philips
The famous tech company Philips looks forward to begin marketing its latest invention - glowing wallpaper that was created in collaboration with Kvadrat Soft Cells, a sound insulation firm. ...
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Technology (15 Jul, 2011)
Chinese Inventor Creates DIY iPad from Scrap Parts
Liu Xinying, a 21-year-old Chinese uploaded a 20-minute video in which he uses a number of electronics parts to assemble a touchscreen and case. ...
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Technology (14 Jul, 2011)
Bovet 7-Day Tourbillon Only Watch 2011 - Harmony of Yin and Yang
The Bovet 7-day Tourbillon Only Watch 2011 demonstrates a unique union of two creatures relevant to the Chinese mythology. ...
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Technology (12 Jul, 2011)
Casio Pathfinder Sports Watch Runs on Solar Energy
If you like spending time climbing mountains, or enjoy extreme cycling and at the same time you don't forget to be environmentally conscious then the Casio Pathfinder Solar watch is your choice. ...
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