Libyan Crown Prince speaks to EU Parliament

Libyan Crown Prince speaks to EU Parliament

Brussels, 20th April 2011

ECR MEP Nirj Deva today hosted a hearing in the European Parliament with exiled Crown Prince of Libya Mohammed El Senussi where he told MEPs that the departure of ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi "could be expedited if more nations stepped down off the fence and committed themselves to rid the world of one of its most evil tyrants."

Prince Mohammed added that "there will never be a political solution in Libya to the crimes against humanity that Gaddafi and his thugs are committing.

"He needs to be squeezed even tighter by economic sanctions and military action. Provided that we stay within the parameters of the UN Security Council Resolution, the power and armoury of NATO and other nations should be sufficient to more rapidly put an end to the suffering and atrocities and to give the Libyan people the freedom they crave and pray for.

"But for this we need more western nations and Arab countries to join the cause of protecting those in need of help, so they can be free from the hellish terror they have to endure through no fault of their own.

Prince Mohammed, who was banished overseas in 1988 by Colonel Gaddafi and has been unable to return to his homeland, dismissed any possibility of a political solution "while a murderous ruler remains in the country."

Prince Mohammed concluded his speech by saying, "The people will decide which form of democracy they want - a constitutional monarchy or a republic. I will do everything I can to assist in creating a democratic state for Libyans based on a representative parliament chosen by free and fair elections.

"As a Libyan and a member of the Senussi family, it is my task to serve the people and I will do so as best I can."

Speaking after the event, Mr Deva said: 

"It was a great honour to host His Royal Highness in the parliament.

"I look forward to the day when he can return to Libya and serve his people in whatever manner they deem appropriate. The Libyan people are fighting for the right to determine their own future. We in the EU stand united with them in their fight for freedom against this dictatorial thug." 


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