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Runway Beauty

World-famous supermodel Iman hosts the inaugural season of Project Runway Canada.

Episode 11: Finale
Three finalists remain and have been charged with the task of creating an entire collection. In this special two-hour finale, the designers will debut their collections at L’Oréal Fashion Week in Toronto and the panel of judges must then deliberate to determine which designer is the winner of the first Project Runway Canada.

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Runway Beauty
Runway Beauty

Take our up-to-the-minute makeup and hair tips from the runway to your vanity table with a little help from the experts at L’Oréal Paris.

This week: Highlighting winning runway looks from the show!

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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

This week, we feature the best and worst designs straight from the minds of our young designers. Winners helps get you ready for the interactive fashion experience of these designers’ lives.

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Biddell wins!
Read his personal blog to find out more about his experience being on the show.

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