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Irish Public Want To See Cruel Sport of Hare Coursing Banned

05 March 2007

The Irish public has sent out a clear message that it's time to ban hare coursing. A massive 68% want a ban now, with  72% of respondents condemning it as cruel. A mere 12% think it is humane.
The poll, conducted by Millward Brown, found only a marginal difference between urban and rural with the majority, 62%,  of rural dwellers also wanting it banned.  The results of this poll come at the end of the Irish coursing season. The Irish cup, last weekend 25th/26th February being  the last official fixture.
This is against the backdrop of concern about Irish hare numbers according to the All Ireland Species Action plan.
Fionna Smyth, League Against Cruel Sports Northern Ireland Campaigner said:
"Supporters of hare coursing have long argued that opponents of the sport are simply townies. The poll shows this to be a myth .  The Irish public think coursing is cruel and should be banned. This is a deeply unpopular sport, carried out by a tiny minority of people so that they can gamble on the outcome of an animals pain and discomfort.
"It is indefensible that our few remaining Irish hares, a native species, should be chased by greyhounds, before being pummelled into the air and injured or killed. It is time that the Irish government banned this barbaric sport"
The research was conducted by Millward Brown Ulster utilising the Ireland Omnibus Survey.  978 face-to-face interviews were carried out between 23rd January and 3rd February 2007 at 62 randomly selected
sampling points throughout the Republic of Ireland.   Sampling was quota controlled to ensure that the sample was representative in terms of sex, age, and socio-economic class, and all aspects of the research were conducted in conformance with the Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society.
To see the All Ireland Species Action Planhttp://www.npws.ie/PublicationsLiterature

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