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The Republic of Kazakhstan has led the world in uranium production. As Mining Company LLP reported to NAC Kazatomprom JSC, on December 21, 2009, the target was hit, with the uranium output of 13,500 tons. By the end of this year, 400 tons at least will be additionally produced. According to Ux Consulting’s forecast, in 2009, Canada’s natural uranium output would amount to 9,934 tons, Australia’s – to 8,022 tons.  
At present, there are 21 operating mines in Kazakhstan producing uranium by the most environmentally sound and cost effective method – in-situ leaching. This year, the uranium output increased by 63% versus the year 2008. It was made possible through putting new mines into operation and expanding existing production capacities.
According to Mr. Nurlan Ryspanov, Vice President of NAC Kazatomprom, “Notwithstanding significant technological problems and difficulties in sulfuric acid supply to the industry in 2008 – early 2009, concerted efforts of Kazatomprom, KazZinc and Kazakhmys let us overcome the critical point and hit the target. As far as the nuclear industry develops and supply from secondary sources diminishes, we are expecting a shortage of natural uranium in the world since 2016. To cover such anticipated deficit, Kazakhstan is planning to increase its uranium production to 18,000 tons by 2010. At that, Kazakhstan will be a top uranium producer in the world in the period of peak demand for uranium».
Mr. Nurlan Ryspanov emphasized that a strategic target of NAC Kazatomprom is to establish a vertically integrated company involved in all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle to turn out export-oriented high-value added products, whereby making maximum profit per kilogram of uranium produced in Kazakhstan at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle. At present, NAC Kazatomprom is implementing this strategy based on agreements reached with key players in the nuclear market.   
In 2010, NAC Kazatomprom will start implementing new hi-tech projects, in particular, science-intensive and technology-intensive operations based on rare and rare-earth metals and elaboration of alternative energy installations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.   
Social projects to develop uranium mining regions and adjacent areas will continue. In 2010, NAC Kazatomprom plants to invest over KZT 3 billion in such programs.
Kazatomprom is the national operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan for export of uranium and its compounds, rare metals, nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants, special purpose equipment, technologies and double-use materials. The main activities of the company are: geological exploration, uranium production, manufacture of nuclear fuel cycle products, reactor construction, nuclear power plants, production of construction materials, the electric energy sector, scientific support of production and social welfare and training of personnel. Today Kazatomprom has more than 26,000 employees and is amongst the leading uranium production companies in the world.
The Mining Company LLP is a subsidiary 100% owned by NAC Kazatomprom. The main objective is to produce natural uranium concentrate. The Mining Company LLP operates deposits fully owned by NAC Kazatomprom and manages NAC Kazatomprom’s interests in joint-ventures in South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Akmolinsk regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Pursuant to subsoil use contracts, the Company shall finance development of the social sphere and support essential socio-economic facilities in the population centers based on uranium production facilities. The Mining Company LLP employs approximately 3.5 thousand people.
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