The first Linux monument in history unveiled in Russia

written by Vlad Lazarenko - 33 Comments

Tyumen Linux user community  has unveiled a Linux monument featuring Tux, a Linux mascot. The project is sponsored by the Sergey V Mikhailov, a CEO of the Tyunet hosting provider.In this monument Tux is depicted with eagle wings that symbolize Linux’s strength and unlimited possibilities.

Who said that penguins can’t fly? Here is an example! A small bird has made things, that were not given to it by the mother nature, by itself – wings. We wanted to somehow help Tux to become more popular and we finally ended up with this project.

Commented Sergey V Mikhailov.

So far it appears to be the first Linux monument in history.



  1. Daniel Molina - 27/09/2010 Reply

    Wow!, looks great. Does anyone knows if there some replica available?. I really enjoy this sculpture.

  2. Patric - 28/09/2010 Reply

    Great, well done guys!

  3. john - 28/09/2010 Reply

    this is in honor of the only penguin that flew like an eagle

  4. Vlad - 28/09/2010 Reply

    Daniel, I’d suggest you ask Sergey Mikhailov for the replica, his email is email.php?e=c2VyZ2V5QHR5dW5ldC5ydQ==.


  5. The_Thoth - 29/09/2010 Reply

    Is this photo licensed under creative commons? I’d like to use it on my blog.

  6. Vlad - 29/09/2010 Reply


    There was no license information available on source web site (in Russian). I believe you can use this photo just like I did. If you still want to get some kind of permission explicitly, write to, the original poster.


  7. Chris - 04/10/2010 Reply

    This is awesome. I want a replica too!!

  8. SuperSonic - 04/10/2010 Reply

    De dуnde eres? їEs un secreto? :)

  9. Vlad - 04/10/2010 Reply


    Yo soy de Nueva York. ¿Y por qué lo preguntas?

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  11. Nicolas - 13/10/2010 Reply

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  12. BernieR - 16/10/2010 Reply


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  28. Daniel White - 10/03/2011 Reply

    Nice, flying Tux! :D

  29. cypherb0g - 06/05/2011 Reply

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