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Real Name Dr.Walter Langkowski
Aliases Tanaraq, Sasquatch I
Group Affiliations None as Box III
Past Affiliations Beta Flight I, Gamma Flight I, Alpha Flight
Relatives Veronica Langkwoski, Unnamed son
First Appearance Alpha Flight #24 vol.1 (As Box)
Current Status Outdated
Height 6'4", (7’0” as Box)
Weight 245 lbs, (465 lbs as Box)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde


When Walt's fellow Alpha Flight member, Snowbird eventually learned the nature of his powers, she was forced to take action. Snowbird had been put on Earth by the Northern Gods to destroy the Great Beasts as they appeared. Snowbird took the form of an albino Sasquatch and ripped out Langkowski's heart. In death, the sprit of Tanaraq, fled to the Realm Of The Great Beasts, dragging that of Walter with it. Alpha Flight crossed the dimensional barrier and brought back Langkowski's soul. Having no body within which to place the soul, Shaman transferred it into the robotic Box armour.

Roger Bochs (designer of the Box Armour) and Langkowski looked for a mindless body in the interdimensional crossroads. The body they located turned out to be that of the Hulk. In trying to bring the Hulk's body across the dimensional barrier, Langkowski's soul became trapped in the crossroads. While trapped, Roger once again donned the Box armor until his demise.


Due to the nature of the last build of the Box armor used by Roger, he was able to phase into the armor, becoming one with the robot. The Box armor is highly resistant to damage. Through jets propulsion units in his feet, he is able to fly. The robot is equipped with many different sensors and a wide variety of tracking equipment. Stats from Marvel X-Men Encyclopedia [Vol.2] and The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v2 - Deluxe Edition #02

Durability: The original Box robot was made primarily of steel, had vast strength, and was highly resistant to damage. The newer Box was constructed principally of an unidentified "living metal." This new model had a greater resistance to damage than the first model. Bochs could not actually feel physical pain while within Box. However, his psychic link with the armour is so great that he can feel psychic pain if enough force were inflicted on it. He's highly durable even to a point to survive the depths of the ocean without sustaining damage.

Energy Blasts: The newest model of Box armor, unlike the previous version, could deliver energy blasts. Box was able to discharge multiple forms of energy. The full extent of his ability and the strength of the blasts were never stated.

Equipment: The model two version of Box had the ability to tap into computers and to recieve or jam radio signals. Box contains special tracking systems and can see in all areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. Other devices can be installed within Box if the need arises.

Flying: In the second model Box armor, there were powerful jets on the soles of its feet, enabling it to fly. From Marvel X-Men Encyclopedia [Vol.2], the stated speed is somewhere between Mach 2 - through orbital velocity.

Intelligence: Roger Bochs is a super-genius. He has been referred to as, "the mind who is capable of dreaming up 1001 mechanical marvels." He created an Interdimensional slider, that could tap into the dimensional nexus, a crossroad of realities.

Phasing: After Madison Jeffries and Roger Bochs developed the new Box, through an act of will, Roger Bochs could "phase into" Box's organic metal. Only Bochs or Madison Jeffries can phase into Box. Unlike previous versions of the armour that were externally controlled, whoever is phased in mentally controls Box and can perceive whatever Box perceives. Roger Bochs discovered that the longer he stays within the armour, the greater the risk that he will be psychologically incapable of leaving it.

Psycho-Cybernetic Helmet: The original Box robot was controlled externally by a person wearing a helmet. The helmet transformed psions from the wearer's mind into electrical impulses broadcast to Box. The wearer only needed to will Box to perform an action to cause Box to do it. The helmet allowed its wearer to perceive mentally the sensory data registered by Box; the wearer "saw" and "heard" what Box perceived.

Strength: The Box robot possesses great superhuman strength, and can lift (press) roughly 85 tons. The original Box could lift (press) 40 tons.