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Joey Beretta joeyb4 at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 27 20:38:29 CST 2005

> Here in New Haven, CT, WAVZ played a lot of records that never made it 
> big.  Especially some oddballs on the Atco label.  Must've been a bit of 
> plug-ola goin' on.  And many artists seemed to come from Florida as well. 
> Here's a few:
> Birdwatchers - "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway"
> Last Word "Can't Stop Loving You" & "I Wish I Had Time" (both made top 10)
> Soul Survivors "Mama Soul" (made #3, but didn't chart high nationally)
> Plus a bunch of 45s released by local artists such as the Wildweeds, North 
> Atlantic Invasion Force, Shags,
> Van Dykes (the white guys on Green-Sea and Co-op), Fred Parris & Restless 
> Hearts...
> Mike Markesich

The Last Word's "Can't Stop Loving You" made #22 at KJR-Seattle.  I could 
list dozens of songs from KJR surveys that didn't make Billboard, both by 
local artists and others, but here's just a few favorites:

Sonics--"The Witch"(#2), "Psycho"(#4)
Daily Flash--"The French Girl"(#11)
Turtles--"Makin' My Mind Up"(#5)
Don & the Goodtimes--"Little Sally Tease"(#11)
Third Booth--"I Need Love"(#45)
Electric Prunes--"Everybody Knows You're Not in Love"(#7)
Emergency Exit--"It's Too Late Baby"(#15)
October Country--"October Country"(#15)
Saturday Morning Cartoon Show--"Hay Ride"(#19)
Liverpool Five--"Heart"(#19)
Lyme & Cybelle--"If You Gotta Go, Go Now"(#28)
Mouse & the Traps--L-O-V-E Love"(#19)
New Yorkers--"Mr. Kirby"(#26)
Newbeats--"Pink Dally Rue"(#5)

Joey Beretta

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