Fri, Jul 22, 2011 | 15:19 BST

Catherine confirmed for Europe, Deep Silver to publish

Deep Silver’s announced that it’s to bring Catherine to Europe.

The game will be formally localised into French, Italian, Spanish and German.

“Catherine is something new, fresh and exciting; unlike anything else in the gaming world – a unique mixture of genres. This agreement proves once again that games published under the Deep Silver label are not ‘more of the same’, ‘run of the mill’ productions,” said Deep Silver CEO, Klemens Kundratitz.

“Atlus is very pleased to collaborate with an experienced, passionate publisher like Deep Silver for the release of Catherine in Europe,” added Atlus CEO Shinichi Suzuki.

“Like us, they are dedicated to releasing interesting, unique entertainment content for their fans. They share our belief that Catherine’s unprecedented exploration of the psychology and horrors of commitment and relationships, its breathtaking visual design, and its frantic action-adventure/puzzle gameplay make for a thought-provoking, entertaining experience that cannot be missed.”

Despite an earlier release in Japan in January this year, with it coming to the US next week, no release dates have been confirmed for Europe yet.

“Catherine is getting her passport in order”

The announcement comes after a very, very cryptic tweet (via Siliconera), where Atlus’s US Twitter dropped this: “Catherine is getting her passport in order… #whatcouldthismean

German classification board, the USK, had also rated the game for Germany for just 360.

This comes after Atlus said yesterday it was in need of a partner to publish the game for Europe.

We actually have a copy coming from America next week. We might post something on it when we get it. In the meantime, watch footage of the US demo for it here.



22/07/11, 10:04 am

Seems somewhat ironic that Catherine should be handled by Koch, no? :-D


Johnny Cullen
22/07/11, 10:05 am


This is confirmed now – REJOICE!


22/07/11, 10:10 am

I really ought to download the demo. I’m still not sold on this at all.


Suikoden Fan
22/07/11, 10:12 am

are they gonna have anything as cool as the ‘love is over’edition?


22/07/11, 10:12 am

Bloody Hell. From “no plans at this time” to Confirmed release in one day. Atlus sure work fast.


22/07/11, 10:13 am

Would be nice to have a ballpark date


22/07/11, 10:19 am

and will this interesting & unique title have any fanfare/advertising accompanying its release??

I look forward to purchasing it for £15 a few weeks down the line.


22/07/11, 10:28 am

I bet the Love is Over Edition won’t cost 68 euros, shipping included, IF it comes to Europe. /ohohoh

And I shiver at the though of WHO they might take to dub the game in Italian.


22/07/11, 10:33 am

realy good news


22/07/11, 10:34 am

oh sweet! I never even cared about this game but i tried out the demo and i must admit i was intrigued by it =)


22/07/11, 10:48 am

Don’t care, just like NeoSquall I’m at least sure to get the Love is Over edition. Plus, shipping included, it’s still cheaper than a standard edition in France so…
The only thing I’m not sure of: is it possible to turn on the japanese voices in the US version?


22/07/11, 11:50 am

@11 Sorry to disappoint you, but US Catherine doesn’t have japanese voice-over, but I’ve read it has French!
Don’t ask me why they choose that language to pair English in the US, though.

The bad news for me is that I’ll have to play the EU version too, in Italian, since my seniors have charged me to write the review.


22/07/11, 12:57 pm

@12 Thanks for the info. That’s a shame but I’ll do with it, snif! About the french localization in the US version, it might be because Quebec gets the US version too, although I’m not sure it’s done for every game.

Well I hope the game lives up to your expectations if you have to play through it a second time in Italian ;-)


22/07/11, 2:12 pm

Wow, gotta say i’m really surprised to see DeepSilver doing the job. I didn’t expect that at all.


22/07/11, 3:01 pm

@13 Maybe that’s the reason, since I’m purchasing the US version from Canada, and I think you’re doing the same, too.

@14 Yeah I’m surprised too, since last I heard of Deep Silver was that they’re in a bit of financial troubles.


22/07/11, 3:10 pm

@15 Yes I did. In fact I saw one of your posts stating the site you ordered Catherine from and decided to go for it since the price was so low. So thanks for that too! :-)


22/07/11, 7:35 pm


We have the french language include in North America because Canada gets the same games, and Canada has both french and english as official languages. And more: The Province of Quebec in Canada is the second largest french speaking society on this little planet, after France, and a huge market for Video Games (After all, Assassin’s Creed is made by Ubisoft Montreal, in Quebec).

That’s why we get french language in a lot of the NA edition of foreign games.

But that said, most of the time, the French is limited to subtitles, while the voice acting stays in english. And since Quebec french and France’s french are somewhat different, it would require a whole different set of actors to record it, and it would delay North American releases…

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