23rd place – Miss Universe 1964 – Corinna Tsopei

23rd place – Corinna Tsopei (Greece)

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Miss Universe 1964, the 13th edition of the pageant, took place on August 1, 1964, at the Miami Beach Auditorium, in Miami Beach, USA. It was hosted by Jack Linkletter, and 59 nations’ representatives competed. Aruba, Grenada (first and only), Nigeria and Saint Vincent competed for the first time.


Contestants in nat'l costumes

There were doubts about Miss Universe happening in Miami Beach again, the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, and Dade County, claimed they did not have the money to invest in the event that year. After much negotiation, they realized the exposure the region had been getting in the US and around the world (a television audience of about 60 million people) was priceless, and in the end, they kept the event, and it was one of the best of the decade.

It was the last time that the American and the foreign delegates competed simultaneously. Starting in 1965, Miss USA would be elected on a different event and date. In 1964 the “Little Miss Universe” contest was created, with girls from several countries competing. Aida Vargas, sister of Ieda Maria Vargas (Miss Universe 1963) competed and won the “Miss Hospitality” award.


Nigeria had to be hospitalized when she did not place

Philip M. Bottfeld, executive director of Miss Universe, declared that the 1964 group of delegates had been the strongest one in history. Although that was a matter of personal taste, what was a fact was the the 1964 group was the most diverse Miss Universe had ever had. Miss Nigeria, for instance, was only the second black woman from Africa to compete in Miss Universe. Considered a true queen back home, Miss Nigeria was sure that she was going to win. When she did not even place among the semi-finalists, she passed out, and then cried out loud, saying she could not understand what had gone wrong. Her stress was such, that Miss Nigeria needed to be hospitalized!

The 1964 edition of Miss Universe had a formula of dispute similar to today’s. Fifteen semi-finalists were selected, then 10, and finally the winner and her runner-ups were announced.


Miss Israel was a favorite

The two big press favorites were both Mediterranean stunners: Greece’s Corinna Tsopei, and Israel’s Ronit Rechtman. It was always believed one of the two would walk away with the crown and sash of Miss Universe 1964.

Other favorites from Europe were Misses Sweden, Finland, England, Germany, Spain, and Holland. From Latin America, the front-runners were Misses Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil (Miss Brazil spoke five languages fluently and helped most candidates communicating among themselves and with the press). From Asia, Misses Japan and Philippines were the most commented, and finally there was Miss New Zealand,  a charming blond who was ignored by Miss Universe judges, but who would later that year be one of Miss World’s finalists (4th runner-up).


Greece and Brazil

Two former Misses Universe declared their favorites as well: for Peru’s Gladys Zender, Miss Universe 1957, Miss Sweden should be the winner. In Brazil’s Ieda Maria Vargas opinion, it was Miss Greece who should succeed her.

Alleging that Miss Universe was a “jail”, Miss Scotland Doreen Swan escaped from the pageant with the help of her boyfriend. She was replaced by Wendy Barrie, Miss Scotland International 1963.

The election of Miss USA was surrounded with controversies. The big favorite, Miss Alabama, was just a semi-finalist, while the winner, Miss District of Columbia, Barbara ‘Bobbi” Johnson, was not expected even as a semi-finalist! It was one of the hugest upsets in Miss USA’s history.


Top 15

Gladys Zender (1957), Luz Marina Zuluaga (1958), Akiko Kojima (1959) and Norman Nolan (1962), were all guests of honor in the pageant. Luz Marina, the 1958 winner, was a judge – the only woman in the panel of judges, along with 8 men.

The 15 semi-finalists were Misses Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, England, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Italy (Miss Photogenic), Norway, Paraguay, Rep. Of China (Taiwan), Sweden, USA & Venezuela. Bolivia, Paraguay and Republic of China were the big surprises of the night.


The upset from Taiwan

In addition to Miss Nigeria, who had to be taken to a hospital, Miss Japan also cried a lot for not placing. Miss Philippines was clearly mad and openly said she did not agree with the judges’ choices, mostly questioning Miss Republic of China instead of her as Asia’s representative in Miss U’s semi-finals.

But the show had to go on, and only 10 remained after a second cut. They were:  Argentina,  England, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Rep. Of China and Sweden. Miss USA and 4 South American candidates, including the very elegant Miss Venezuela, and brainy Miss Brazil (she spoke 5 languages, studied Philosophy and Arts, and had lived in Germany), two beauties who many thought would reach the Top 5.


Ieda crowned her favorite: Miss Greece!

The crowd was divided between Greece and Israel, but Israel at that point was the #1 favorite for the crown.

Miss Republic of China (Taiwan) broke all the odds and finished as 4th runner-up; beautiful Miss Sweden was the 3rd runner-up; Miss Israel was announced as 2nd runner-up, originating loud protests by the crowd; a surprising Miss England was the 1st runner-up; and having gotten 5 out of 9 first place-votes, Miss Greece was crowned as Miss Universe 1964!

Miss Israel did not take her defeat easily, and cried a lot after the pageant.

The new Miss Universe, Greece’s Corinna Tsopei, was 19 years old. Not only beautiful, the Greek representative had a strong character, was very intelligent, and mastered the runway like few. As Miss Universe, she traveled the world and was always ready to take on her duties.


Tsopei in her 1st day as Miss U64

Anamaria Cumba mentioned in her book “The World of Miss Universe” that Corinna had had one of her lungs removed, which never stopped her from attending her many activities as Miss Universe (although always with special care). Cumba also mentioned that she was a lovely titleholder, who she liked a lot.

Months before the Miss Universe pageant, a gypsy woman approached Tsopei in Athens to read her palm and told her: “You will be chosen as the most beautiful girl in the world”. A journalist from Kansas who was present on the occasion, reported it when he learned she had actually been crowned as Miss Universe. Corinna confirmed the story!

She pursued a movie career, appearing in a few Hollywood movies and television series such as A Man Called HorseDaniel BooneLost in SpaceValley of the Dolls and A Guide for the Married Man. Apart from her beauty pageant work and acting career, Corinna also is a chairman for an organisation for children with leukemia. Tsopei was married to Hollywood Super Agent Freddie Fields, brother of band leader Shep Fields.

Special thanks to Alberto Dubal!


Corinna Tsopei, Miss Universe 1964

Top 5: England (2nd), Sweden (4th), Greece (1st), Israel (2nd), Taiwan (5th)

Miss U 64

69 comments to 23rd place – Miss Universe 1964 – Corinna Tsopei

  • Ist

    Not so beautiful … I had no misses more beautiful than her and left behind as Amelia Vega and Mona Grudt.

  • Nando

    One of the most beautiful Miss Universe for me and succeful !!!

  • yoanys

    Espero que Dayana Mendoza miss universe 2008 gane esta competencia es la mas bella y la mas impactante de todas en segundo lugar barbara palacios y en tercer lugar oxana y de cuarta alicia machado

  • alzuar

    hermosa, un muy merecido lugar para ella
    espero ver a Cecilia Bolocco pronto, ya es hora de que vaya saliendo

  • Kate

    Corinna Tsopei ranked 31st in GB’s 2001 contest. The top 3 for the 1960s has been set: Marlene Schmidt, Ieda Maria Vargas, Margarita Ardvidsson.

  • Elmonje88


  • Ist

    Jennifer Hawkins is the most beautiful off all.

  • prinpoleon

    this women is pretty but no than irene amelia and other her place is very higher in my ranking she place 37 the 23 place is for ieda vargas from brazil and evelina papantouio was to have been the second greece winner :)

  • prinpoleon

    woow now i see this article i ralize than corinna place in this position is very smart and beautiful and clear favorite for the people i very surprised and in this peagent much girls cry jejeje every girl want to win

  • Marcos Acosta

    Hasta que por fin, lo dije en mi comentario pasado, esta mujer llego demasiado lejos, ella debio estar por alla en el puesto 50 mas o menos, la verdad nose que paso aqui pero hasta aqui la trajo el rio, la proxima deberia ser: 1978, 1987, 1963, 2000, 2010. Por ahi van los tiros. Saludos.

  • Nicholas

    Change the flag please!!! This is not the greek flag!!!
    I’m so happy Corinna renked so high, and i’m very proud also… One of our best representatives ever (along with evelina papantoniou and rea toutounzi)
    Well done Corrina…!

  • dilip indian

    from 1964 femina miss india started to send contestants regularly to mu.this year the very first fmi meher castelino took part

  • Anaxagoras

    I totally agree with this ranking. I’m glad that real-natural beauty has been considered to rank Corinna !!!

  • Michael

    It was about time!!!. Very overrated!!!

  • Andrés

    I think she has a really great body, but honestly she has manly facial features.

  • Eloy

    It was time for her to go, she actually placed way too high…
    I’ll have to look at my list to who should go next, Anne Marie Pohtamo can be a good choice.
    Through this article I can see how she was chosen for being more “the whole package” rather that beauty along…

  • cdn1822

    Not to be rude but I really don’t see this woman as being all that beatiful. I think she should have been somewhere between #55-60. There are several beauties that bowed out already who are far more beautiful.

  • Tina

    While I am glad to see winners from the distant past being scored well and placing high in this contest, Tsopei is not one of the queens who comes to mind as being the 23rd most beautiful. I do, however, appreciate the fact that her looks were natural when she won but Israel and Taiwan stole my heart that year and I was hoping either one would be able to clinch the title.

  • WilliamNYC

    Miss Universe 1964 very classy and elegant like Maria Callas.

  • Lily

    She’s okay… but I find this 23rd ranking to be too high for her. But that does not matter since what I love about this contest is reading all the tidbits and stuff about the pageants and the delegates of the past.

    • Jonathan

      Agree. I am really bored to see comments like — ” way too high or too low”, “she should have placed higher or lower”, “where is Miss______ or MIss _____”, ” She should go etc etc”. Ever since the 2 fantastic Miss Universes from the Philippines were eliminated, I already disgregarded the ranking, I am just waiting for the updates and the photos of the finalists and favorites of the past. Also, bear in mind that the admin missed so many important items. Example — did they deliberately omitted the involvement of Miss Mauritius in a film award scam in the Philippines when she stayed behind after the Miss U 1994? How about Miss Australia marrying a Filipino singer? And yes, several times, Miss Dayanara Torres’ 4 year stay in the Philippines (and falling in love with a matinee idol?) was well documented here. But again, I say, they missed a lot. I am loooking forward to Miss Amparo Munoz’ story. It was held here also.

  • Alexis

    I was right, as many others who predicted Corinna would be next after Shawn.
    Next should be Ieda Vargas, Ximena Navarrete or Kerry Ann Welles.
    Bolocco is a Top Ten, please stop saying she is not that beautiful.
    Dayana is 13th in my ranking
    Let’s see what happens!

  • cejotama


  • PW

    It´s time for…

    22. Ieda Vargas
    21. Ximena Navarrete
    20. Gladys Zender

    • Alexis

      Agree with Ieda and Ximena, but Gladys is one of the most stunning beauties of all times… she is 3th in my rankig… check more from her and would change your mind.
      Kerry Ann Wells should be 20th

  • Ken

    When you say that Nigeria was a real queen in her country do you mean that she was Nigerian royalty?!

    Greece had a beautiful profile but was not so pretty when looking directly at her face.

    Israel should have won. And since it was 1964 this girl was probably born during the Holocaust. I wonder if lingering anti-Semitism at the time, which unfortunately still existed in the years after World War II, played a part in her loss.

  • joe

    23rd is a great placement(i was hoping 20th). For all u guys who think she was overrated you guys clearly dont know what a NATURAL BEAUTY LOOKS LIKE. In my opinion Corinna should have placed higher…google her and you will understand. Anyways, the top six most beautiful miss universes that are left would be, in random order:
    gladys zender
    natalie glebova
    denise quinones
    jennifer hawkins
    angela visser
    margaret gardiner

    • Ava Gardner

      Great comment about Corinna Tsopei. Indeed, she has a fascinating, distinct type of beauty and a lot of sophistication.

      However, your top 6 is somewhat dismal. I actually think Corinna Tsopei is deserving of a better ranking than Jennifer Hawkins, Denise Quiñones and Margaret Gardiner. I am so “up in the air” about Angela Visser who has a radiant beauty but her styling and damaged hair is a hindrance to her “total package”.

      I’m leaning more towards a top 5 comprised of (in no particular order): Oxana Fedorova, Amparo Muñoz, Alicia Machado, Gladys Zender and Maritza Sayalero with Marlene Schmidt, Christiane Martel and Dayana Mendoza right on their heels.


    • Alexis

      I would take off Glevoba (11th in my ranking) and Margaret Gardiner (19th in my ranking) Denisse I don’t know, don’t like her much, but Gladys, Jenifer and Angela definitely top 5! with Maritza and Oxana, of course.

  • Ken

    I think these photos does not showcases her well, and when this panel of judges put her at #23, can GB at least put better photos of her? Because she just look very bottom of the barrel in some photos, particularly the largest headshot photo here. I think she is ranked lower in 2001 for a reason, and it shows. I think out of all the contestants ranked so far, GB is extremely kind to Stefania Fernandez, as all her photos flattered her, seemingly justifying her unexpectedly high ranking.

  • Dean

    On a sad note, Miss Philippines 1964 Myrna Panlilio died of cardiac arrest in 2009.

  • Paul

    Las siguientes: Barbara Palacios y Cecilia Bolocco, ya estan avanzando mucho y no es como para que esten cerca de las 10 finalistas.

    • Neiti Hattara

      I totally agree with you! On my list those two, Barbara and Cecilia are the next ones to drop… then will come Jennifer Hawkins or Margareth Gardiner outside of Top-20.

    • Ava Gardner

      Mas desconcertante es que no hayan eliminado a Margaret Gardiner y a Lara Dutta (Dutta me parece muy completa pero “la belleza” no es el factor que más influyó en su triunfo). Barbara Palacios y Ceci Bolocco, por lo menos, aun LUCEN IMPACTANTES.

  • Mario


    • Alexis

      TOTALMENTE de ACUERDO! la tengo Séptima! esa mujer es bella, sino vean en u-tube los comerciales de Falabella y Soprole… que mujer más linda por Dios!

  • Dante

    One thing is to be self confident and another is to take things for granted. Thats a lesson Miss Nigeria will never forget. On the other hand, I think Corina is one of the least beautiful MU. Miss Israel reminds me of Miss Kosovo 2009.

  • Maurice

    Para mi Barbara Palacios y Cecilia Bolocco deben ser top 10

    • licenciado

      A mi igual, me encantan ellas 2…Barbara Palacios para mi gusto la mejor Venezolana junto a Dayana

    • Alexis

      Ehmmmm… Bárbara se ve mejor ahora que cuando ganó, igual que Cecilia, pero creo que la mejor venezolana es Maritza Sayalero, la tengo segunda en mi ranking ;)

    • Alberto

      Totalmente de acuerdo. Creo que Cecilia Bolocco debería ser sexta y Bárbara Palacios décima. Ambas son misses inteligentes y carizmáticas. Belleza + Inteligencia son una combinación espectacular. Mucho más que la suma de dos cualidades.

  • Taraki

    She’s overranked! Yvonne Ryding, Mona Grudt, Sushmita, Justine, Amelia… are better looking than Corinna imho!

  • Micaiah

    Es muy bella y elegante, con una belleza muy clásica y serena, me gusta bastante.Quizás le falta la espectacularidad de otras misses pero también eran otros años y otros cánones de belleza.

  • Athina

    Outstanding, Elegant Miss Universe!
    Glad and proud of her and our country!
    I am surprised to see so little information about her and her life, though. Corinna is one of the titleholders who has always honoured the crown. After her victory, an aticle, that describes her as a goddess who left Olympus and came to Miami Baech, made the front page of “The New York Times”. In addition to that, the US President congratulated her in person at the White House. She got married to an american plastic surgean and she has three sons. Fields is her second husband. She’s one of the most important personnalities, so I believe that you should at least put a larger photo of her on the home page of this site as you did for all the previous MU. Corinna is far more important than the US presentation show that you’ve put in the center.
    Looking back on those times, we can make the difference between beauties, crowned for their qualities, and contestants who only God knows how they can even be runner-ups (misses Jamaica, Philippines, Australia and Ukraine 2010 for instance) while favorites don’t get in the top5 (like Misses Ireland, France and Russia of the same year)!!! It seems that Mr Trump is looking for the ugliest, he could even change the title to “Miss Ugly Universe”!!! Maybe, this way, the audience would stop getting lower and lower! We wouldn’t have to switch off the tv as we did last year! Trying to make mediocres (like Ximena Navarrete) look pretty, they put them among the worst contestants! Obviously, the judges believe that, this way, they can fool us!
    Unfortunatelly, politics always determines the contest’s result, that’s why Miss Greece rarely gets the place she deserves despite being one of the favorites. Evelina Papantoniou should be Miss Universe 2001 and others like Marietta Chrousala and Evangelia Aravani should be better placed. The contest is totally unfair and always promoting Americans. Natural beauties, such as Cloé Mortaud, Miss France 2009, don’t get in the top5 in order to avoid crowning her, while Venezuela comes first (despite last year’s victory) whithout worthing it! And so on…(Miss France 2010, Malika Ménard, Miss France 1999, Mareva Galanter and many others from different countries).
    This contest is only for the fakes, that’s why the audience is always low even in USA!

    • Paul

      That’s ridiculous. What does ‘it’s all about politics’ even mean?. It’s absurd to say when we win it’s legitimate, when we lose it’s tainted. I think she is in fact elegant, but she is not that beautiful, there are many angles from when she looks masculine. And I’m not questioning her triumph, obviously the judges saw something ‘worthy’ in her, but they have also seen it in every other winner, whether from the US, Latin America, Europe or wherever. Don’t create absurd conspiracy theorists, they make you look like a fool.

      • Athina

        Your answer makes obvious that you really need to take some english lessons!!! Apparently, you understood nothing and so I will explain myself again hopping that before reaching a new conclusion that has nothing to do with my comment you will at least use a dictionnary!
        I never said that Miss Greece is the only one who wins legitimately or that every Miss Greece should be crowned. On the contrary, I mentioned many contestants coming from different countries who didn’t get the place they diserved!
        Either you like it or not this competion, pretending to be international and objective, is in fact promoting countries-sattelites of the USA, who have turned the MU crown into a national goal. That’s why most of the times, there is a whole “beauty” industry behind the winner! Of course, every Miss and every country would be proud to come first and represent the beauty of the world, nevertheless, the crown is humiliated when decorating heads who do not deserve it!
        Here are some examples of unfair treatement:
        1. Miss Kosovo 2009 (representing a country which is not recognised from all other countries as independent) was a runner-up while Miss France (making model career in Elite models) one of the favorites was not. Isn’t this a political support?
        2. MU 2001 would not have won if the contest wasn’t held in Puerto-Rico where her compatriots were yelling in order to make the jury give her the crown! Keep in mind that all the participants were supporting Evelina Papantoniou and crying “Greece”!
        3. Miss Ireland, Russia and France 2010 were far more beautyfull compared to MU 2010 unlike Miss Jamaica looking like a monster! Why none of those European ladies was at least a runner-up despite being favorite?
        4. Why Venezula won two consecutive titles (this has never happened before even when the contestant did deserve it!!!)
        To prevent you from making excuses in order to prove me wrong I tell you this: Different people can have different opinions about girls they find more or less beautiful, but when it comes to Miss Universe we must be objective and beauty cannot be contested. All the contestants I mentioned as favorised and overrated are in fact too little for the place they were given. That’s why this competition is almost unknown in Europe (Italy does not even participate) and most countries prefer Miss World (about 100 countries are participating).

        • Garh

          Agree the last few years of MU has been somewhat political in someway. A few of those ladies are yet to place in this ranking. I await this and more importantly the writeup to the year and of course peoples reply with their opinion.

    • Jonathan

      ”’because the non-runner up’s did not perform??? Whew, careful careful. Global Beauties ranked her Best in Evening Gown for 2010. Tell me, doesn’t she deserve a spot in the top 5 or not?

  • jodato

    Realmente no se cuales sean los parametros que los jueces utilizan para calificar a cada una de las misses. Cada una en su momento gano por un conjunto de cualidades, no solo por bellas o inteligentes. En mi opinion, han habido misses a las cuales las han posicionado por debajo de lo esperado, por ejemplo, Irene Saez. Por otro lado, he estado viendo videos y fotos de las misses que faltan por calificar y hay unas cuantas que debieran haber salido ya de la competencia. Otra cosa que quiero agregar, es que en el caso de Oxana Fedorova, demas esta decir que es bellisima, no deberia quedar en el top 10 porque aunque gano el concurso la despojaron del titulo creo que por algunas fotos que salieron de ella y en el caso de Justine Pasek tuvieron que eliminarla temprano de la competencia porque no gano el concurso y recibio el titulo de miss universo por lo sucedido con exana. Pero como les digo esto es solo una opinion. Espero que pronto salga Cecilia Bolocco porque como han opinado algunos, cuando gano tenia cara de vieja y tampoco es muy agraciada…

  • olegNN

    In the J.Pasek’s chapter some persons blamed O.Fyodorova for disregarding of MUO’s orders, that oblige working with any mass-media. But D.Trump forced her to go to a very special sort of interview – the H.Stern’s show, where a Miss Universe’s presence was absolutely inadmissible and humiliating for her.How do you like such questions as -”What was the biggest penis You’ve seen in Your life?” , -” Have You ever slept with a woman?” , – “May I feel Your breast?”.O.Fyodorova must answer these questions and other ones about anal sex, sex with an Afroamerican, even sex with D.Trump. think, what a girl,titled MU can feel in such broadcast? Can she keep any respect to the MUO after it? This MUO wiped Fyodorova off from all official lists of the winners, as if this beauty had not existed, participated in 2002, worked under it for several months. Behaving this way, they display themselves as an authoritarian organization that never admits its mistakes and treats a titleholder like a sheep in crown.

    • KL

      Personally I thought Oxana handled herself pretty well during the Howard Stern interview. If she only knew ahead of time that Stern doesn’t take beauty queens seriously and most of his interviews are very irreverent, she might not have gotten disillusioned with the MUO. Again, they made accomodations for Zuleyka, Margareta Arvidsson, Tara Conner and others but not Oxana? Since Panama was going host the 2003 pageant and Justine just happend to be the runner-up in 2002, I wouldn’t doubt these were 2 major factors that contributed to Oxana being ousted.

    • Anthony

      There’s nothing inadmissible about it, every Miss Universe has visited the Howard Stern show for over a decade now. And yes he can be shocking in his questions, but he won’t go as far to even coming close to touching them. A Miss Universe should be smart and able to respond in any kind of situation with the media, even uncomfortable ones. All of her fans love to claim how smart she is, well that was an excellent moment to display her intelligence with witty, elegant answers. These are grown up women, not dolls made of crystal who can’t even answer a controversial question. Yes, she was beautiful, but either a high maintenance diva who couldn’t be annoyed, or a very weak insecure girl who couldn’t stand being away from home. THAT’S why she was fired.

  • Dencil de Mexico

    Ya quiero ver salir a Dennisse Quinones y Margaret Gardiner. Para mi las cinco mejores son:

    1) Maritza S. Venezuela 79
    2) Christian M. Francia 53
    3) Margaretta A. Suecia 66
    4) Alicia M. Venezuela 96
    5) Cecilia B. Chile 87

  • Mario


  • Dencil de Mexico

    Estoy en shock, no puedo creer que hayan sacado a Maritza Sayalero a quien considero la mas espectacular MU de todos los tiempos pero, asi son los gustos y las diferentes perspectivas.

    • NANANA

      como ya e dicho antes yo tambien estoy en shock pero ok cada quien con sus gustos pero es q hay cosas obvias en cuanto a calificar por ejemplo no vas a poner a oxana fedorova mas abajo que no c corinna tsopei o a jennifer hawkins mas abajo que linda bement lo q quiero decir es q por ejemplo matirza demostro ser una miss ejemplar numero uno en todo elocuencia favorita desde el comienzo y el famoso “salero de la sayalero” por eso hay cosas en que la opinion no es lo unico que importa

  • Ariadna

    I never really liked her. Judging by the picture above Israel was much, much more beautiful. Corinna looks a bit manly in some photos. Sorry but she’s kinda overrated here.

  • Daniel

    Denisse Quinones es la más bella de todas, miren los dos looks para la preliminar y para la final,su forma de caminar,que clase de modelo, su belleza y la forma espectacular que contesto las preguntas, sencillamente espectacular. Otra que me gusta es Dayana Mendoza, esas 2 caballotas.

  • Piper

    Creo que Corina es una de las Miss Universo mas distinguidas. Se que era muy querida por la organización Miss Universo. Facialmente no le encuentro gran atractivo pero cada reina tiene sus propias cualidades. Respecto a lo que dicen de Oxana, creo que es inevitable ponerla en pruimer lugar porque de solo ver su certamen te impacta.

  • Alex

    I remember her in ‘A Man Called Horse’ with Richard Harris. Stunning.

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