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    School Performance

    Rating your child’s school

    Our School Report Cards offer detailed tables showing how well schools performed in academics over a number of years. By combining a variety of relevant, objective indicators of school performance into one easily accessible public document, the school report cards allow teachers, parents, school administrators, students, and taxpayers to analyze and compare the academic performance of individual schools.

    Parents can use the school report cards to compare the academic performance of schools when choosing a school for their children.

    Teachers and administrators can use the school report cards to identify areas of academic performance in which improvement can be made and to compare the performance of their school with others that have similar characteristics or demographics. By learning from the accomplishments of other schools, teachers and administrators can foster ongoing improvement in their own school.

    How is our research conducted?
    We use objective, publicly-available data to rank and compare schools, such as average scores on provincial tests administered by provincial education ministries. Read our frequently asked questions for more details.

    Watch a video explaining why we rank schools