Historical sites in Stara Zagora


Neolithic dwellings museum

This unique archeological museum presents two houses from the Neolithic age ( 6th millenia BC), which are the most preserved and have the richest stock in Europe.
In the continuous exposition "Prehistoric arts in Stara Zagora region" are shown standards from the Neolithic, the Stone-copper and the Bronze epoch, which are important certificates about the high stage of development of economics and culture in our worlds through this early epoch.
The museum has a souvenir counter.

Address: 20, "Armejska" str. (west from "Prof. Dr. St. Kirkovich" Hospital)
Opening hours: 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 17:00
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (+359)42-622109
Neolithic dwellings
Copper mines in the area of Mechi kladenets

The oldest copper mines in Europe dating from the end of the 5th millennium BC. From exploration 11 mines have been uncovered along a ridge, which would have produced huge amounts of copper ore.
Copper articles and semi-manufactured articles, work of skilful local metallurgists, spread in one wide region, reaching the middle stream of the Volga river.

Position : 8 kilometers northwest of Stara Zagora (towards Stara Zagora Mineral Baths)
Bereketska Mound

This is the largest prehistoric settlement in Bulgaria - Bereketska Mound. It is 17 meters high with a diameter of 250 meters.

Position : West to “K.Ganchev” District
Bereketska Mound
Ancient compound at the Western Gate

Forum, an amphitheatrical auditorium, thermal baths, walls, western gateway of the town and part of the main trading street.

Address: 33 “Mitropolit M. Kussev” Str. (North to the Law courts)
Roman baths in Stara Zagora Spa
baths baths
South gate of Augusta Trayana

Solid structure of the fortified walls of the town

Address : Pireos Bank (The basement), 38 Ruski Blvd.
Late ancient mosaic, a part of a public building (4th – 6th century)
Address: The basement of the Post Office in Stara Zagora

Late ancient mosaic in the Roman private house (4th century)
Address: 117 “Gen. Stoletov” Blvd. (behind the opera – house)
Late ancient mosaic Late ancient mosaic
Eski Mosque
Memorial complex “The defenders of Stara Zagora”

Dedicated to the Samara banner and Bulgarian volunteer units, “baptized” in the battle for Stara Zagora (31 July 1877)

Location : “Balgarsko opalchenie” park, in the east part of the city
Memorial complex
Hillendar’s convent
. Location: “Levski in Stara Zagora region”
.Restoration of classroom of “Sent Nikola” school (second half of the 19th c.)
Address : 1,“Pop Bogomil” Str. (precincts of the “Sent Dimiter” church )
Hillendar?s convent
House museum ’19th century’s town life’

The exhibition represents the lifestyle of Stara Zagora’s sitizens after the Liberation till the end of 19th c. with a fine collection of accessories belonging to prominent local families.

Address : 68 “Dimitar Naumov” Str.
House museum
Exhibition ‘Crafts in Stara Zagora between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century’
.Coppersmith’s, Tailor’s, Cooper’s workshops
Address: 80 “Angel Kanchev” Str.
Balabanova house