Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series
Storyboard Art 

1984 Main Title
by Bob Kline
Revised Final Draft, 1984.

In an effort to make the scans a reasonable size, I lost a little resolution.  So I've included the text as well, which is for the most part identical to the actual intro.  This introduction was cut out completely when the series was reaired on Fox recently, in favor of a modified first season intro.
The originals were printed on 8 1/2 x 15 paper so I had to do a bit of splicing as well, which is why it took so long to post...

Abbreviations for those unfamiliar with script notations:  O.S. is 'off screen', V.O. is 'voice over' (when a character not in the scene is speaking), pan means moving the camera across a scene, cut means to change the picture abruptly to a new scene.

Page 1 Text:
Full back from dragon head with glowing red eyes to reveal...
...it is the entrance to the Dungeons and Dragons ride at the amusement park.
Hank (O.S.) C'mon, everybody!
Cut to longer shot as Hank, Sheila, Bobby, Eric, Diana, & Presto move to enter ride car.
Sheila: The Dungeons and Dragons Ride!

Page 2 Text:
The kids sit down in the car with happy anticipation.
The car begins to move off.
The car rolls into the mouth of the dragon.
The car carries the kids through a tunnel of mechanical monsters and magical effects.
The kids take in the sights and enjoy the ride---except for Eric, who wears an unimpressed scowl.

Page 3 Text:
A mechanical dragon rises up and breathes a blast of fire!
Hank, Sheila, and Bobby react in happy astonishment.
Bobby:  Wow, neat!
The ride's mechanical monsters animate toward us faster and faster.
Diana is astonished, Eric unimpressed.
Eric: Gimmie a break...
The mechanical monsters begin to distort into frightening, otherworldly images---

Page 4 Text:
---images that dissolve into a bright mist.
Diana: (Gasp!) What's happening?
The car leaps from the tracks, and flies toward a swirling space-time vortex in the distance.
Eric and Diana react in shock as the car begins to come apart.
The car flies apart.
The kids tumble away from camera.--

Page 5 Text:
--disappearing into the distant, bright vortex.  The screen flares white...then black.
...red cracks grow...
Cracks break across the surface of a black dungeon floor in vicious zigzags, revealing a lurid red light shining from below.
An enormous dragon's head erupts from the floor in front of Diana.

Page 6 Text:
Pan up with dragon as it towers above us-
-then with a demonic ROAR lunges into camera.

Page 7 Text:
Silhouetted by a glow growing behind her, Diana pole vaults over a battlement wall to land on the castle drawbridge.
Cut to closer shot of castle door---

Page 8 Text:
---as it explodes into camera as if smashed from behind.  A snarling hoarde of half orcs charges out of the doorway straight into camera.
Diana (OS): Oh, no...
Eric leaps into scene in front of Diana and strikes an heroic pose.
Eric: (smug and confident) No sweat...

Page 10 Text:  (no page 9 in the original)
Eric straightens up to come nose to snout with an enraged half-orc.  
Eric's grin falls off his face, and is acquired by the half-orc.
Eric: Heh-heh!
Cut to Diana running across the drawbridge.
Eric passes Diana as if she were still in first gear.
Eric: (panic hollar)  WHAAAAAAAAA!
Camera continues following Diana to the end of the drawbridge.  As she disappears behind a rock outcropping, Presto leaps out gesturing over his hat.

Page 11 Text:
He thrusts the hat forward and a fountain of shimmering gold shoots from it.  The gold coalesces into shiny glowing spheres.
Presto:  PRESTO!
The spheres bounce and clatter to the surface of the drawbridge....
...just as the legs of several of the half-orcs enter screen.  Thy all lose their balance stepping on the spheres.
Pan up to another half-orc charging into camera, arms outstretched like an enraged wrestler.

Page 12 Text:
Sheila backs away in shock, whipping hood over head,-
-becoming invisible a bare second before the half-orc leaps into shot.
A group of orcs leap out of the way as a flame arrow impacts with the drawbridge, creating a brilliant explosion.
Hank fires a second flame arrow as the other kids scramble to join him.

Page 13 Text:
Hank: Back off!
Pan down to Uni, she nods smugly.
Uni: (a smug kid saying "Yeah!")  Blyeah!
Then she looks up in shock toward the O.S. castle.  
She leaps into Bobby's arms.
Bright red light shoots from cracks in the castle as it begins falling in pieces.  The half-orcs are tiny dots at the end of the drawbridge heading toward the kids' spire.

Page 14 Text:  
(only one panel on this page)
The dragon, now grown much larger, rises out of the ruins of the castle, spreading its enormous wings.

Page 15 Text:
The kids all turn in reaction to Dungeon Master's voice.  Bobby looks O.S.
Dungeon Master: Young Pupils!  This way!
Debris falling from it, the dragon moves from the ruined castle, out along the drawbridge.
Bobby leaps down off the pinnacle.

Page 16 Text:
As he gets close to camera, he swings his club.  The end of the club fills frame, then--
--crashes into the ledge supporting the end of the drawbridge.
Looking up out of the chasm between the spike and the ruined castle, we see the dragon, sections of bridge, and huge boulders tumble into camera until---

Page 17 Text:
--the dragon's open mouth fills frame.
Cut to Dungeon Master, the kids, and Uni at the very top of spire.
Eric:  D-Dungeon Master!  H-h-help!
Animate back to include the plain spread out far below.
A network of brilliant red cracks appear in the earth, and make their way to the horizon, as we continue to animate back.

Page 18 Text:
As the cracks expand, sheets of red light erupt from the ground, followed by an enormous black spectre in the shape of Venger.
Venger: (V.O.):There is no escape.  For you have entered the Realm of...
Now an enormous curtain of red flame shoots up, close to camera, covering scene.  Out of the red flame shimers the Dungeons & Dragons logo, appearing in black.
Venger: (Cont. V.O.) ...Dungeons and Dragons!