Quantcast Lord of Light: Roger Zelazny's inter-dimensional writing style spanned universes, Jack Kirby's powerhouse creativity and kick-ass illustrative style, Barry Ira Geller's vision to bring it all to the screen.

"Colonists from another planet conquer Earth and set themselves up as Gods -- until they turn against each other for control of the world."

The international best-selling Hugo Award winning novel of science fantasy by:

Roger Zelazny


  L ord of Light is.....

A metaphysical action adventure love story - a space-ship crew colonize an ancient planet, tyrannize the populace, and use technology to turn themselves into powerful gods and goddesses. One man stands alone to fight his old colleagues and free mankind. The planet is called Earth....

Far into the future. Long after the Destruction of their home planet Urath...

On an earthlike planet, what remains of humankind's descendants are now subjugated by the First Colonists, the crew of the starship that brought them to their new home 1000 years before. They have taken control of ancient technologies and enhanced themselves with godlike psychic powers and virtual immortality. Adopting the panoply of the venerable Hindu religion - they live lives as its Gods, surrounded by super-electronic weaponry within the trappings of a primitive civilization. A story of the classic drama of power, love, honor, pride, and fantasy - erupting in an epic war of the Gods -- and ultimate transcendence.

Our hero Sam, unready to battle the tyrannical forces of the Celestial City allied with his former wife, now the rapturous Kali: Goddess of Destruction. With her is her new love Yama, The Red Lord of Death. Behind them stands Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the vast Pantheon of gods and demigods of the City of Heaven. . . .  . . .

Sam is the dreamer and master schemer. He is the strategist and cosmic trickster who becomes Siddhartha and then the Buddha to ward off the iron grasp of Heaven. Sam is the ancient renegade god Kalkin whose powers become ever-more revealed to him as he fights to change the course of an entire civilization --- and upon whose shoulders rests the future of the entire world.

In the end he will be recognized by history as the true leader, the Binder of Destiny,

The Lord of Light . . 


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Author: Roger Zelazny

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