Landscape - character assessment

Landscape Character Assessment
The landscape of St.Helens forms a backdrop to everyday life in the Borough. Often taken for granted, it plays a large part in what makes the area distinctive and provides a key to the history of settlement in the area.

In order to safeguard landscape character and guide landscape regeneration, in 2005 St.Helens Council commissioned Land Use Consultants to carry out a Landscape Character Assessment across St.Helens Borough.

A Landscape Character Assessment is a systematic and objective way of evaluating the character of an area by identifying its component parts into types (character types) and where those different types occur (character areas). Whilst character areas have attributed boundaries, the boundaries represent a transition rather than a sudden change in character.

For greater information on Landscape Character Assessment and its terminology click Landscape Character AssessmentPDF Icon(132372 kb)

What is a Landscape Character Assessment?

Within each character area the quality of the landscape and its visibility was assessed as well as its capacity to accommodate new development and controlled tree planting. The assessment will be used to inform development proposals as they affect character areas. Based upon these evaluations, a set of broad opportunities and constraints to future change within the landscape were developed.

For information on how the Landscape Character Assessment and evaluation process has been applied please click on Using the Landscape Character AssessmentPDF Icon(145287 kb)


How can I find out about the landscape character of local areas in St Helens?

1. Identify the location in which you are interested in by opening the Landscape Character Types and Areas Map(3252120 kb)  and making a note of the character area code (eg UFW1 or SLV3 or RHS5).

2. Find the PDF document with the corresponding letters (e.g. UFW or SLV or RHS ) from the list below. This will contain generic information about the character type and specific information on all the areas where this character type occurs including the area you are investigating.

3. After reading the Character Type Key Characteristics, scroll down to the specific Character Area information.

Character Type 1 - Prominent Hill (PH1, PH2)(196344 kb)
Character Type 2 - Agricultural Moss (AM1, AM2, AM3, AM4, AM5)(410763 kb)
Character Type 3 - Broad Rural Slopes (BRS1, BRS2, BRS3, BRS4, BRS5)(635069 kb)
Character Type 4 - River Valley (RV1, RV2)(296043 kb)
Character Type 5 - Wooded Former Estate (WFE1, WFE2, WFE3, WFE4)(4560738 kb)
Character Type 6 - Edge Farmland (EF1, EF2) (324884 kb)
Character Type 7 - Floodplain Farmland (FF1, FF2, FF3, FF4)(381039 kb)
Character Type 8 - Undulating Farmland with Woodland (UFW1)(203046 kb)
Character Type 9 - Intimate Farmed Valley (IFV1)
Character Type 10 - Raised Spoil Heap
(373793 kb)
Character Type 11 - Industrial Fringe (IF1, IF2)(321329 kb)
Character Type 12 - Separate Settlement (SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6)(817846 kb)
Character Type 13 - Settled Lowlying Valley (SLV1, SLV2, SLV3)(267516 kb)
Character Type 14 - Urban Green Space (UG1, UG2, UG3)(468485 kb)
Character Type 15 - Raised Fringe Settlement (RFS1, RFS2, RFS3, RFS4)(529812 kb)
Character Type 16 - Urban Industrial Valley (UIV1, UIV2, UIV3)(226024 kb)
Character Type 17 - Residential Valley Infill (RVI1, RVI2, RVI3)(534855 kb)


Developers are strongly advised to consult the whole document when formulating development proposals.

St.Helens Landscape Character Assessment Final Report(18606663 kb)

Figure 1 - Site Location(3227327 kb)
Figure 2 - Landforms Map(5592860 kb)
Figure 3 - Hydrology(3188311 kb)
Figure 4 - Historical Development(8262419 kb)
Figure 5 - Character Map of England - Landscape Character Types(3252120 kb)
Figure 6 - Topographic Settings(4630976 kb)
Figure 7 - Key Visual Gateways(3140612 kb)
Figure 8 - Landscape Character Types & Areas(3427816 kb)
Figure 9 - Landscape & Townscape Character Areas(3331141 kb)
Figure 10 - Landscape Sensitivity(3341871 kb)
Figure 11 - Visual Sensitivity(3352078 kb)
Figure 12 - Landscape Strategy(3355176 kb)
Figure 13 - Woodland Recommendations(3351452 kb)
Figure 14 - Landscape Framework for Change Constraints & Opportunities(3425831 kb)
Figure 15 - Landscape Policy(3378368 kb)

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