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September 27, 2007

Mark Widawer - LandingPageCashMachine.com

Mark Widawer is an Internet Marketer, Traffic Conversion specialist, Google Adwords Qualified Professional, and successful online marketer. Mark is best known for his best-selling ebook, the Landing Page Cash Machine, which brings the mystery of website sales and traffic conversion to new online marketers.Many top marketers refer traffic and conversion clients to Mark, including Perry Marshall, Mike Stewart, David Garfinkel, Ben Mack, Craig Perrine, and dozens more. Be sure to check out the resource page and special deals for our listeners at Mark has for us.

Segment 1: Turning Traffic into Cash
Streaming or MP3

Mark Widawer talks with Bryan Azorsky about how you can increase your conversions on your website by 5 times, almost instantly.

Segment 2: How to boost your sales 5 times or more
Streaming or MP3

Mark Widawer reveals the importance of list building and how to increase your opt-in rates.

Segment 3: How to make next week's sales even better than this week's
Streaming or MP3

Mark Widawer shares with Bryan Azorsky some great ideas on how he goes about improving his conversions.

Segment 4: Even the experts aren't doing this
Streaming or MP3

Listen in as Mark explains a very important issue that most marketers don't even thing about.

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September 11, 2007

Jerry West and Keith Baxter

Keith Baxter is best known as a Black Hat SEO who has experienced success in every market he has entered. His ability to see past the "mainstream" helped build a strong community with Cloaking Master. He currently owns and operates ModernClick, an affiliate network and will be soon releasing ModernWeb.com. As he has been an affiliate, Keith understands the right way to build and manage an affiliate network. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.

Jerry West owns WebMarketingNow.com and is best known as a White Hat SEO. He is a former software tester and literally tests everything about SEO in order to "side step" the "Mind Crimes" that are often reported as fact. He is the author of the SEO Revolution, a paid membership site that releases his time sensitive testing information. Jerry is also a faculty member of StomperNet and works primarily as an affiliate. He currently resides in North Carolina.

Segment 1: SEO Mind Crimes
Streaming or MP3

Keith, Jerry & Bryan discuss some of the latest myths and rumors surrounding the search engines.

Segment 2: Your SEO Toolkit
Streaming or MP3

Jerry West & Keith Baxter share with us his most important tools he uses in SEO.

Segment 3: Affiliate Marketing Part I
Streaming or MP3

Keith Baxter & Jerry West go over some of the pro's and cons of affiliate marketing.

Segment 4: Affiliate Marketing Part II
Streaming or MP3

Jerry, Keith and Bryan discuss affiliate marketing from both the advertiser and the affiliates perspective.

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August 30, 2007


Dan Thies may be best known as the "keyword guru," but he's been practicing, studying, writing and teaching advanced search engine marketing strategies and tactics to both beginners and professionals since the earliest days of the industry.

Dan is a faculty member of Stompernet, a member of the Executive Committee of SeoPros, the Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals; a volunteer for SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization); and a frequent speaker at Jupiter Media’s “Search Engine Strategies” conferences. Dan is also the author of two popular books on search engine marketing, SEO Fast Start and Search Engine Marketing.

Segment 1: Web 2.0 – The SEO Process
Streaming or MP3

Dan shares with Bryan his process on how he tackles SEO, and what major steps you should avoid.

Segment 2: How do Search Engines work?
Streaming or MP3

What happens behind the scenes when you run a search on your browser? Why does it matter to you when you’re trying to rank?

Segment 3: Link Building
Streaming or MP3

Dan tells us his best tips on building links to your website.

Segment 4: Beware of the Proxy Hack
Streaming or MP3

How to protect yourself from someone knocking you completely out of the search engines.

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July 17, 2007

Jack Humphrey - www.FridayTrafficReport.com

Jack Humphrey is a full-time professional web marketing consultant, authority site builder, the author of Power Linking, Authority Black Book, and the managing partner of Content Desk Inc.

Since 1998 Jack's been working online and he went full-time in 2002 with the launch of the first edition of Power Linking. Happily, Jack never looked back, and to this day remains 100% unemployable.

Segment 1: Web 2.0 - The Overview
Streaming or MP3

What is Web 2.0 and why should we want to have our own Web 2.0 site? Jack Humphrey gives us the scoop.

Segment 2: Wordpress and Jack’s ‘must have’ plug-ins
Streaming or MP3

Jack Humphrey and Bryan Azorsky discuss why Wordpress is the best CMS to use and what plug-ins you need to have.

Segment 3: 7 Tips - Part 1
Streaming or MP3

Jack Humphrey shares his 7 tips on how to make a Web 2.0 Blog post

Segment 4: 7 Tips - Part 2
Streaming or MP3

Jack Humphrey continues to share his 7 tips on how to make a Web 2.0 Blog post

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June 27, 2007

Steven L. Revare - www.slugworthinc.com

Steve Revare has spent his entire professional career creatively bridging technology and communication, most recently as a consultant with Slugworth Incorporated in Kansas City. Slugworth Incorporated helps companies better utilize the internet to make their businesses more efficient or grow more quickly. Steve has also worked with National Advisors Trust creating video and multimedia presentations for their internal shareholder and operations meetings since 2002. Previously, he co-founded BlairLake, Inc., providing creative Web and intranet solutions for major brands and organizations like the Motley Fool, Lee Apparel, Hostess, Sprint PCS, Sprint, Hallmark Cards, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Accenture, and American Century. In February of 2000, Compuware Corporation, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, acquired BlairLake.

Segment 1: The Early Days of Internet Marketing
Streaming or MP3

Steve Revare tells us how he built a internet service company, BlairLake New Media, starting in 1995.

Segment 2: Slugworth Strategic Process part 1
Streaming or MP3

Steve Revare and Bryan Azorsky discuss the importance of creating an online identity and setting priorities and goals based on that identity.

Segment 3: Segment 3: Slugworth Strategic Process part 2
Streaming or MP3

Steve shares with Bryan how he translates priorities and goals into your website and how to balance your priorities and goals with those of your customer.

Segment 4: Managing an online business
Streaming or MP3

Are you ready if your wildest dreams come true? Steve and Bryan discuss the BlairLake experience.

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June 19, 2007

Dave and Scott Brandley – Trust-Guard.com

The father and son team, Dave and Scott Brandley have been doing business online for over ten years. After selling their own E- commerce store in 2003 the Brandleys started Global Marketing Strategies, a company focussed on creating testing tools for websites. Their most recent venture "Trust Guard" is a new online security service designed to protect sensitive user data necessary for E commerce. These services foster the trust of a wary consumer.

Segment 1: How do trust seals work?
Streaming or MP3

Dave and Scott Brandley give us an overview about Trust Seals.

Segment 2: Security Seals, Privacy Seals & Business Identity Seals
Streaming or MP3

Dave and Scott Brandley get into the specifics with Bryan about what each seal does and what they mean to you and your visitors.

Segment 3: Trust Seal Comparisons
Streaming or MP3

With a variety of competitors offering trust seals, which type is best for your businsess? Bryan, Dave and Scott discuss the options.

Segment 4: 7 Conversion Tips for any website owner
Streaming or MP3

Dave and Scott share some valuable tips to increase your conversions.

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June 12, 2007

Mike Stewart – fromthedeskofmikestewart.com

Mike Stewart is president and founder of Soundpages Inc., a complete multimedia production facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was more than 10 years ago when Mike's extensive experience in the audio & video recording world allowed him to see the future of how using audio and video on the internet could benefit small businesses. Mike recognized how the broadcast of audio and video information on a website was no different than the television/radio industry he had been a part of all his life.

Today, Mike spends most of his time consulting with small business owners on how to use blogging with audio and video to get their message in front of their target audience using his new media marketing strategies. Mike has a variety of training courses, hardware and software solutions that makes it easy for you to get started. You can learn more about Mike Stewart on his websites:

Segment 1: Using Audio and Video on your website
Streaming or MP3

Mike Stewart & Bryan Azorsky discuss why it’s so important for businesses to be using audio and video on their websites.

Segment 2: Advanced Business Blogging
Streaming or MP3

Mike Stewart tells us how businesses are combining wordpress with audio and video to create a new form of media marketing.

Segment 3: Audio and Video Editing Programs
Streaming or MP3

Mike & Bryan go over the many software options you have to edit your audio and video.

Segment 4: Recording your Audio & Video
Streaming or MP3

Mike & Bryan discuss the video recording equipment that you would need for video podcasting.

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May 15, 2007

Jerry Hart - www.Wealth2007.com/free

Jerry Hart - www.Wealth2007.com/free

Jerry Hart, CEO of Hart Creative Marketing, Inc. help organizations integrate the capabilities of the Internet to lower costs and grow profitable revenues and market share. Hart is global speaker and prolific writer having been published in magazines, newspapers, and internet publications and is the author of the book, Blueprint to E-Marketing. Hart is a featured guest of Office Depot’s “WebCafe”, a series of webinars on Marketing and Business broadcast around the world via the internet.

Segment 1: Internet Marketing Foundation
Streaming or MP3

Jerry Hart and Bryan Azorsky talk about the latest in marketing on the internet.

Segment 2: E-mail Marketing Concepts
Streaming or MP3

E-mail marketing is playing a larger roll today in ecommerce than ever before. Jerry Hart gives us his insight into what makes e-mail marketing successful.

Segment 3: E-mail List building
Streaming or MP3

Growing your e-mail list is easy when you understand what you are doing. Jerry Hart shares his tactics with Bryan.

Segment 4: Creating Promotions that Sell
Streaming or MP3

If you don't provide some value in your email messages, then who's going to read them? Jerry Hart and Bryan Azorsky discuss e-mail promotions.

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April 17, 2007

David Meerman Scott - DavidMeermanScott.com

David Meerman Scott, didn’t plan on becoming an online thought leadership and viral marketing strategist on purpose, he came upon it accidentally. At the height of the dot-com boom, David was vice president of marketing at NewsEdge Corporation, a NASDAQ-traded online news distributor with $70 million in revenue. Against the advice of the PR agency professionals he had on retainer, David’s team wrote and sent dozens of Press releases themselves. Each time they sent a release, it appeared on dozens of online services such as Yahoo!, resulting in hundreds of sales leads.
Drawing on his publishing experience he had gained in his prior position as Asia marketing director for the online division of Knight-Ridder, David quietly created content-based, “thought leadership” marketing and PR programs on the Web.

Segment 1 - News Releases - Overview
Streaming or MP3

News releases aren't for the media anymore. David gives us an overview of how and why we should be using news releases.

Segment 2 - Using News Releases to Reach Buyers
Streaming or MP3

David gets into the details about writing your releases to reach your potential customers.

Segment 3 - Search Engine Optimization and News Release
Streaming or MP3

David explains the best practices to use when optimizing your News Releases to be found in the search results.

Segment 4 - Putting it all together with News Releases
Streaming or MP3
David and Bryan discuss the strategies in using News Releases for your business.

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April 10, 2007

Nancy Andrews - GiantSlayer.net

Nancy Andrews owns and operates several e-commerce sites that continually rank at the top of the search engines. Her flagship site, TheGolfCollection.com has been at the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN for competitive golf phrases such as 'golf gifts' and 'golf accessories' for over two years. Nancy's former corporate background in planning and analysis surely contribute to her uncanny ability to analyze current trends with the search engines. Recently, Nancy started blogging about her strategies and opinions on the web at GiantSlayer.net.

Segment 1: The current state of Google and how it relates to the small business owner
Streaming or MP3

Segment 2: New Trends to watch with Google
Streaming or MP3

Segment 3: New Trends to watch with Google pt. 2
Streaming or MP3

Segment 4: Nancy's recommendations on how to improve your Google rankings
Streaming or MP3

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April 03, 2007

Kara Pernice Coyne - nngroup.com

Kara Pernice Coyne is the Director of Research at Nielsen Norman Group, and heads the Company's East Coast operations. With more than 15 years of experience in the USABILITY arena, Kara has conducted hundreds of lab studies, remote studies, field studies, and surveys. She may be best known for practicing and championing the use of video in usability, as a tool for analyzing, presenting, and teaching.

Segment 1: What Makes a Good Web Design
Streaming or MP3

Kara shares the fundamentals involved in good design for the web.

Segment 2: Usability Studies - How to Plan Your Own
Streaming or MP3

Kara and Bryan discuss what's involved and how you can plan your own usability study for your business.

Segment 3: Usability Studies - How to Run Your Own

Streaming or MP3

Kara and Bryan get into the details of administrating the usability study, and discuss some common mistakes to avoid.

Segment 4: Advanced Usability - Eye Tracking Studies
Streaming or MP3
The advanced methods in the Usability testing world involves Eye Tracking technology. Kara and Bryan discuss what you need to know about Eye Tracking.

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March 27, 2007

Tom Simons - partnersandsimons.com & Larry Weber - 2groupinc.com

Larry Weber, founder of the W2 Group, a next-generation marketing services holding company, is widely recognized as a visionary in the converging worlds of technology and communications. Tom Simons is President and Creative Director of PARTNERS+simons. His company’s success has attracted the attention of regional and national media, resulting in an appearance on the cover of Inc. magazine and in the "Wall Street Journal". Larry and Tom join Bryan as they share their unique perspectives on the future of search and the web.

Segment 1: The Future of Search and the Web
Streaming or MP3

Segment 2: The Social Web
Larry and Tom continue the discussion, covering Web 3.0 and Larry’s new book, "Marketing To The Social Web".
Streaming or MP3

Segment 3: Internet Marketing - The Combination of Power and Magic
Tom returns and joins Ken Dec, PARTNERS+simons Chief Measurement Officer, to discuss with Bryan the evolution of internet marketing and advertising for large corporations.
Streaming or MP3

Segment 4: Measurement / ROI for the all Marketing
Ken and Tom explain the concepts and strategies of large campaigns with both on and offline components. Included topics are measurement/ROI and the fundamental SEO value platform.
Streaming or MP3

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March 22, 2007

Michael Stebbins - Clicktracks.com

Michael Stebbins - Clicktracks.com

Michael Stebbins is vice president of marketing for ClickTracks Analytics, a web analytics software and services company based in Santa Cruz, California. Michael has authored several patent-pending web analytics methods and speaks on web analytics and click fraud topics.

Website Statistics Pt. 1     Streaming or MP3
Website Statistics Pt. 2     Streaming or MP3
7 Web Analytic Sins     Streaming or MP3
Click Fraud     Streaming or MP3

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March 08, 2007

Kyle Rodeck - MerchantCorner.com

Kyle Rodeck is considered to be the North American expert with the Shopsite shopping cart. He is the owner of MerchantCorner.com, a successful web design and ecommerce solutions provider. .

Bootstrapping VS. Hiring a Custom Developer for your E-Commerce store     Streaming or MP3
E-Commerce Best Practices     Streaming or MP3
SHOPSITE for SEO     Streaming or MP3

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February 20, 2007

Tim Schaden - Fluency Media

As the top executive of Ann Arbor-based Fluency Media, Tim Schaden has led the development of the company’s online marketing performance solution. Under his leadership, Fluency’s revenue has grown consistently and more rapidly than projected, while each year the company has doubled the number of its brand-name clients. They now include such major organizations as the State of Michigan, Ford Motor Company, Quiznos, Maaco and eBay’s ProStores.

Pay-Per-Click vs. Search Engine Optimization     Streaming or MP3
Budgeting for Pay-Per-Click     Streaming or MP3
Sales Flow Optimization     Streaming or MP3

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