Cloud Reliability

29 June 2011

Is Cloud reliable?
All most every tech magazines have an article on Cloud Computing and it’s been frequently used word in IT, yes Cloud is the emerging technology in IT world seeking to change the concept of personal computing and taking it to a new level of computing and it is a talk of the town recently however it Cloud reliable

Host your application on public cloud (Application like E-mail, Website, Database and other), every one planning to migrate locally hosted application to cloud and implement cloud based application, of course cloud has many advantages compare to locally hosted one

I have concerns over the cloud implementation; recently I have seen attacks against Gmail, Amazon's EC2 cloud service is down on Apr 2011 And I have lost all my mails from, not only me it’s been affected many others, these incidence raise a question on Cloud reliability

The decision to migrate the services to a cloud should always be based on how well the provider can guarantee that the servers will deliver an adequate percentage of uptime. Of course it’s one thing to say that you assurance 99.9 percent uptime and quite another to deliver, so when a cloud provider makes a claim regarding availability you should have a data to validate and how inherently redundant and scalable

And you should have clearly defined SLA and other agreement to protect the data and service high availability, this will ensure the Cloud reliability and of course these features are only possible in paid cloud service

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