Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 07/22/11 01:21:00 AM

    SEPT 29TH-OCT 2ND WEEKEND. Check back soon for details

    Du Does 18

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 07/09/11 03:22:00 PM

    Just a friendly reminder of the 7th Annual DU Golf Tournament coming up Saturday, August 6th at Turnberry Golf Club.

    Price: $125
    Location: Turnberry Golf Club - 10100 Heart Lake Rd, Brampton ON  L6Z 0B4
    Date: Saturday, August 6th
    Tee-off: Beginning at 1:00pm
    Dinner: All you can eat barbecue smoked baby back ribs!


    Contact: Michael Daley michael.daley@live.com


    DU Road Trip Summer 2011

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 06/02/11 03:13:00 AM

    Recently four brothers; Roderick, Liam, Gabe and Justin roadtripped from Vancouver to California while visitng several DU chapter houses. We appreciate all the hospitality the Washington, Oregon, San Jose and Berkeley chapters had to offer. Great friends, great brothers, great time. Dikaia


    Welcome New Initiates

    Submitted by Paolo Campisi on 04/03/11 04:32:00 AM

    The brothers of Delta Upsilon Western Ontario would like to officially welcome the latest new initiates Michael Ian Callahan, Jeremiah Pariag, Christian Hadad, Shaun Goffenberg, Liam Grue and Connor Woods. We are proud to call them our brothers.

    DU Elects new VP Positions

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 11/29/10 03:06:00 PM

    Congratulations to our newest VP positions, all the right people have been elected to the right places.



    ▪               John Cabral

    VP Member Ed

    ▪               Jeremy Heppenstall


    ▪               Gabe Michaan (Sr.) ... Read More


    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 11/09/10 04:02:00 PM

    Every year the brothers of DU participate in Movember,  brothers attempt to grow mustaches in hopes to shed light on prostate cancer. This year is no exception, we were able to raise over $1,300 we would like to thank everyone who donated.


    A message from Mike

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 10/29/10 11:27:00 AM


    Pictured above is a gruesome bunch.  Rev Sage performs a memorable ceremony marrying Sugar Bear Hughes and Daisy Harper. Dave "Golliwog" Peat serves drinks, while Steve "Ayegor" Mann and Bob "Ploughboy" have a good time.  The rest of these characters remain anonymous.

    There's lot to look forward to in the days ahead.

    Haunted Mansion
    Date: Saturday, October 30th
    Location: 294 Central Avenue at 1:00pm

    This Halloween your Brothers are actually ... Read More

    Haunted Mansion

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 10/25/10 05:07:00 PM

    DU Western Will be hosting a haunted mansion for the Boys and Girls Club of London on Oct 30th 2010! Come check it out, volunteers are appreciated!


    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 10/01/10 01:26:00 AM

    After years of good use by gentlemen like those pictured above, a facelift was definitely in order.

    Below are a few highlights to look for during this year's festivities.

    Friday, October 1st
    8:00 PM – Alumni Gathering at
    Location: 528 Princess Avenue
    Kick things off at Brother Dombroski's.  Wives and girlfriends are welcome – just be sure you don't bring both.  After all, this isn't a DU "Crush" party.

    Saturday, October 2nd
    9:00 AM ... Read More


    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 06/20/10 08:50:00 PM

    DU alumni Santos has won the Columbian Election. This brings the number of presidents/former DU alumnis up to 3 with Lester B Pearson (Canada), James Garfield (USA) and now Santos (Columbia). DU Represent!



    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 06/16/10 02:49:00 PM

    Canada's Worst Handyman 5 wraps up their season, the brothers of DU would like to thank the TV show and Andrew Younghusband for their generous renovations to our house at 294 Central Avenue. You can watch reruns of the TV show at http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/


    Fraternity Firsts

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 05/24/10 03:32:00 PM

    Soon, DU might be the only fraternity with an American President, Canadian Prime Minister, and now possibly a Colombian President



    Canada's Worst Handyman 5 Comes to DU

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 05/13/10 08:36:00 AM

    Canadas Worst Handyman 5 comes to the rescue and renovates our fraternity house! Check it out


    Watch it here

    Past Alumni?

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 04/18/10 04:01:00 PM

    Are you a past alumni at the Western Ontario Chapter? As part of our resortation project in improving our fraternity we are calling all past alumni to keep in touch. Email us your contact information or to set up an account so you will appear on our recent alumni page!


    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 04/15/10 06:04:00 PM

    We would like to wish brothers Andrew Maciejewski & David Brown great sucess in their future endeavours and careers, Dikaia Upotheke.


    p.s. we're glad no new pledges need to spell macie-jew-ski anymore


    Taken a long long time ago, David Brown far left, Andrew Maciejewski far right

    New Website

    Submitted by Roderick Tom-Ying on 04/15/10 06:03:00 PM

    We would like to introduce our new website. We hope this will be new portal where we can attract new brothers while allowing us to reconnect with old ones.


    Submitted by Laine Gambeta on 03/01/10 04:11:00 PM

    Another great year, see video at



    Textbook Exchange

    Submitted by Scott Sickle on 01/07/10 11:46:00 AM



    As many of you know textbooks are a huge expense that many of us incur year-to-year and as many of you can attest, selling and buying your textbooks used through websites such as "the cannon" can also be a pain.


    For this reason I propose that we set us a textbook exchange at our first meeting of the new semester on January 13th. This can be a venue for many of us to exchange one textbook for another, or sell them ... Read More

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