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Year : 2007    Volume : 39   Num : 2pages : 176  
Title CD99 activates T cells via a costimulatory function that promotes raft association of TCR complex and tyrosine phosphorylation of TCR z
AuthorKwon Ik Oh1*, Byoung Kwon Kim2*, Young Larn Ban3, Eun Young Choi3,4, Kyeong Cheon Jung2,3, Im-Soon Lee5 and Seong Hoe Park2,3,4,6

We investigated the co-stimulatory role of a cell- surface protein, CD99. Co-ligation of CD99 and suboptimal CD3 induced T-cell activation to a level comparable to that obtained with optimal CD3 or CD3+CD28. We also noted concomitant enhancement of the earliest T-cell receptor (TCR) signaling events. In addition, co-ligation of CD99 and CD3 led to translocation of TCR complexes into the lipid raft, without concomitant migration of CD99 to the raft, and consequent enhancement of TCR z-mediated signal 1. These data demonstrate the unique properties of CD99 co-stimulation that distinguish this molecule from CD28 and other raft-resident co- stimulatory factors.

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