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New Vantage Group (NVG) is a Washington, DC area company specializing in early-stage venture funding. For over 12 years, NVG has managed five different angel funds and angel groups which have invested more than $50 million in more than 55 primarily mid-Atlantic-based companies. Additionally, NVG has advised entrepreneurs, students, and other angel groups, published several books, developed many workshops, and helped to grow the early-stage investing industry by co-creating national and international non-profit institutions. Widely regarded as a thought leader in the industry, NVG has implemented several different investing models, always with the same mission: to spur economic development by increasing funding sources for innovative, early-stage ventures. To this end, NVG currently offers services for individual investors, angel investment groups, and entrepreneurs alike.

Managed Angel Groups

NVG currently manages two angel investing groups: Active Angel Investors (AAI) and the D’Arch Angels. AAI has invested in 25 companies over the past five years. AAI members are an impressive group who have held executive level positions in many different industries and have close contacts in many major corporations. D’ArchAngels is a new group focused on defense related technology companies with members who come from the defense community.

To inquire about membership or investment into one of our clubs or funds, please click on For Investors. To learn more about our funding process and how to submit your plan for possible funding, click on For Entrepreneurs.

Consulting Services

NVG also provides consulting and training for new or pre-existing groups of angels, non-profits and government entities researching the angel movement, and non-U.S.-based firms looking to penetrate U.S. markets. NVG also offers a service to help entrepreneurs find the right source of funding. To learn more, please click on Consulting & Services.


NVG has also partnered with several other regional angel clubs including  Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities and Virginia Active Angel Network.

In 2006 NVG partnered with Focus Enterprises, as well as investors in the UK to become general partners in London-based Seraphim Capital, LLP, which focuses on high-growth, innovative UK companies seeking to penetrate US markets. NVG helped to organize 21 angel investors as limited partners in the Seraphim fund.

Upcoming Events

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