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Plain Old Webserver

POW is a fully-functional open source (GPL) webserver that works inside your browser.

It uses Server Side Javascript (SJS), PHP, Perl, Python or Ruby to deliver dynamic content.


POW in Action

Plain Old Webserver can be downloaded from the Mozilla Addons site.

First Steps

For installation and first steps, see the Gentle Introduction to POW-SJS.

You can keep yourself updated with the POW Blog and the POW Google Group .

POW Versions in Development

USB Drive with standalone POW

Pow 0.1.3 Stand alone XULRunner Version

Windows Installer

Download here.

Recommended Download RBTray 3.3 which allow you to put any program window in the windows taskbar into the system tray. Very useful when Using XULrunner version of Pow because it makes its own window.

Mac Installer

Download here.

To install on the Mac, drag the POW icon to the Applications folder.


PowUSB combines both the Mac and Windows XULrunner versions into one install. Just unzip into the root directory of your USB pen drive and you can click on the Pow_Mac or Pow_Win and it will load Pow. Use the options to make your USB root Pow's root and you are up an running on Mac or PC. I have also included my sqlite manager in the install. Enjoy.

You can download it a

POWer Weathr

POW running PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl

Other programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl run in POW. This opens up the platform to languages with a larger codebase than Javascript can offer.

POWer Apps

(Coming soon) POWer Apps are companions to Firefox that start with the browser. The first two POWer Apps are POWer Weathr and POWer Clock. If you are a developer and you know Javascript and HTML, you can write your own app.

SPOW Pow over SSL

An SSL/TLS version is ready for testing. Now you can have your own personal secure server.


General POW



File I/O



New in 0.1.4

New in 0.1.5

New in 0.1.6

New in 0.1.9

POW Help File

This is the same file that is in your default Pow Directory help.sjs

Firebug Debugger Support

POW supports Firebug through the standalone POW server. Here is a quick how-to guide.

User contributions

Odds and Ends

Why POW - What good is it to have a Web Server in your browser
POW on the Web - links to Reviews etc .....
POW Competition - Products that POW Is Better than :)
POW Desktop - Better than Adobe Apollo ? (Yes it is)


Example Code


The POW Team always listens to your your Suggestions.

POW Projects

The First 100 POW Applications

  1. FireFox Sqlite Database Manager
  2. Directory View

POW in other languages

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