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If it’s Airbus verses Boeing in the Paris air show, then Airbus has taken a considerable lead as European plan maker has left its arch rival Boeing, miles away.

Qatar Airways led the way, confirming an existing $16bnillio order for 80 A350 Airbus planes and ordering three A380 super-jumbos for about $750million. Deliveries will begin from 2013. Qatar Airways will use the A350 to complement and subsequently replace its A330s on regional and long haul routes.

Meanwhile US Airways ordered $10bn worth of planes - 22 A350s, 60 A320s and ten of its A330-200 wide-body jets.

Apart from the these big passenger carriers Kuwait and Dubai-based Jazeera Airways, the first private airline in the Middle East, has also signed a firm contract for the purchase of 30 A320 aircraft. The agreement quadruples the number of aircraft Jazeera Airways have ordered from Airbus from 10 to 40 A320s.

Another Dubai-based Emirates airline also boosts up Airbus’s business by ordering eight more A380s, thought to be worth about $2.5billion. The announcement by Emirates brought the total number of A380s it has ordered to 55.

Apart from the regular passenger airlines, demand for the family aircraft has been increased. Airbus has been received a more than 5,070 A320-family aircraft order that makes aircraft the fastest-selling commercial jetliner ever.

Whereas on the other side Airbus’s main rival, Boeing, has not yet get any big offer as company only conforms a deal with General Electric at the show, in which GE has only ordered six 777 Boeing freighters valued at about $1.4billion, which will be delivered in the last three months of 2008.

The air show is considering a critical one for the industry as in it all plane producing firms, as well as airlines and investors come together once in a year and noticeably make a business tie. Airbus, which has lost its No 1 tag to only rival Boeing, has taken an upper hand in the show. Airbus has invested heavily in its 555-seater double-decker A380, which has been beset with problems - both in production and delivery, but Boeing is confident with its fuel efficient Dreamliner to turn the whim in its favor.

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Via: BBC