September 20, 2009 Link Payday

Welcome to our September 20, 2009 Link Payday! As the seasons change over, in this episode we will once again look at some of the best personal finance blog posts from all over the Internet in the past few weeks:

One of my favorite bloggers and Twitterers, Mrs. Micah discovers there are No More Paper Paychecks at Walmart. As the nation’s largest employer this is a huge step–there are lots of positives and some negatives, and her opinion seems to be this is a move for the best.

A post on Get Rich Slowly asks Should You Buy it? It also gives a flowchart to help people evaluate potential purchases. If you’re someone who likes flowcharts (some days I do, but not all that often), this might help you.

The Online Savings Blog
asks Should You Keep Multiple Investment Accounts? It’s an interesting question. I have several, but they’re that way because they have to be–my 403(b) is separate from my Roth IRA is separate from my traditional IRA is separate from my taxable brokerage account–although I guess I could combine that and my Sharebuilder account. But one of their points is that there are some advantages to having multiple accounts. Definitely worth a read.

Beks at Blogging Away Debt discusses Stretching to New Goals. As a guy who is constantly finding new challenges, I’m interested in learning about the goals others are interested in. One of hers right now: learning to swim.

Finally, Lynnae over at Being Frugal shares Lessons From a Little Forced Frugality where she (re)learns what’s really important in light of a check that was bounced to her.

And that’s your September 20, 2009 Link Payday!

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