Adam Fieled

steps up to my flat, on
which we sat, tongues
flailed like fins, on sea
of you, not me, but we
thought (or I thought)
there’d be reprieve in
between yours, for us
to combine, you were
terribly vicious, this is
our end (here, amidst
I and I), does she even
remember this, obscure
island, lost in Atlantis?


You can’t
get it when
you want it,
but when I
want it I get
it; she rolled
over on her
belly, which
was very full,
and slept; its
just shadows
on the wall, I
thought, dark. 


I climb over
you, onto me,
but me is not
the “I” I want

it to be, climb
down, rafters
heave, wood
slats, fences,

all this is you,
already over
& beyond, is
this fairness?
Adam Fieled is a poet currently based in Philadelphia. He has released three print books: "Opera Bufa" (Otoliths, 2007), "When You Bit..." (Otoliths, 2008), and "Chimes" (Blazevox, 2009), as well as many chaps, e-chaps, and e-books, including "Posit" (Dusie Press, 2007). His work has appeared in journals like Jacket, Tears in the Fence, Great Works, Upstairs at Duroc, Cake Train, and in the &Now Anthology from Lake Forest College Press. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he also holds an MFA from New England College and an MA from Temple University, where he is completing his PhD.